I Love to See the Temple!

So last night our ward had a temple sealing assignment and we went!!  We actually found a nice babysitter and went on a date!!  The babysitter is in our ward, has kids, works with me in RS, and actually offered to babysit since we were struggling to find enough couples to fill the assignment.  Having our kids go to someone other than family or close friends is a first!!  And guess what?  We loved it and the kids loved it!  We took them pizza and homemade ice cream for dinner!  I think we’re moving up in the world when we’re finally coming to terms that we NEED to let our kids go to a babysitter so we can go out!

The temple was wonderful!  We fulfilled the assignment with another sweet couple from our ward who run the nurseries and do such a great job!  They definitely had their prayers answered while attending last night and it was a very special experience to be there with them.  There were so many other couples there to do sealings that they had to make us wait for a sealer to finish a wedding AND they had to call a sealer to come in to work, because of the tremendous amount of people!!  Yahoo for Friday night’s temple attendance!

And this morning I slept in until 10am with little Josh right next to me so he wouldn’t disturb my sleep too much when he got hungry.  Oh I feel energized and nice!   I haven’t slept in this late since maybe college?!?!

So I think we’re ready to find a date night swapping couple who have kids, live close, and aren’t afraid of our little boy angels =o)  I think we’d like to go do this temple thing a bit more often or just go out together alone to go shopping.  What are some memorable dates you’ve had with your spouse??  Any takers who want to swap Friday nights?

It’s all Inside

So last month our ward had an Emergency Preparedness Faire to get people informed and motivated to start with their family home storage (food, water, fuel, other supplies).  The lesson: It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark! 

Since I was on the planning committee, not only did I learn that delegating assignments is the only way to go and makes your life easier, but I had a blast with my specific topic of “where to store all that food!”  Disclaimer: I am not an expert at where to store food storage.  When I was a teacher the motto was “beg, borrow, and steal” which I applied while researching this topic- to get pictures, not the actual food!?!  What you’re about to see are ideas I have gathered from all over the place as to where people are storing their surplus. Click and open:

Parade of Homes (if you have PowerPoint) or use this: free PowerPoint Viewer

Teach and Preach and Work Like Missionaries Do

So it’s a Monday evening and I’m still soaring up in the clouds from a left over Sunday spiritual high if you will. It was the best day yestday and today was such a good day too! You know things are pretty hectic for the Mission Mormonaries when the first thing they ask you when they come into your house for dinner is if they can have a tall glass of water and pain killers… big pain killer medicine to knock out their killer headaches from a Sabbath very shy of being a day of rest. Our ward had 15 investigators in sacrament meeting- way to go Nellis Manor Ward! The poor missionaries then had about 5 mtgs at 2 bldgs and didn’t even have time for lunch. Those poor guys. We’re totally bringing them some pb+j sandwiches next Sunday.

Well I had a mtg. with Stake Edu councelor to go over the literacy program that we’ll get to start teaching to members who want to improve their reading and writing abilities. It was awesome! Hello, former teacher right here and a pro and scripted literacy programs that have workbooks, pictures and sight word cards. I am so excited!

And would you believe I had my own missionary moment today? I forgot the pass along card I meant to grab, but after picking up my “wanted: ribbon for crafting” freecycle items today I sent the person a quick thank you email and included the link www.mormon.org to let her know a little about my beliefs. In previous emails where she sent her contact info so I could come get my freecycle items I told her I was using the ribbon for church stuff- I make diaper cakes for the sisters having babies and tie ribbon around them. She responded with a few links about herself and a prayer ebook site she had set up. I was scared to send her the link for fear I would get a nasty nasty email about, well, everything totally not true about the church and me being a loon, but she was so happy. She was going to use it as a reference to check how and what we believed on certain issues. She had positive past experiences with people who were Mormon and so the seed has been planted and she now has the link to check out at her own will. I am so excited at my accomplishment. I could do it again. My goal is to give out a pass along card next time. We’ll see how I do.

So my life is good right now. I can’t complain. My kiddo turns 2 next week which is so crazy. He’s going to be a terrible 2 year old who refuses to take naps and gets xrayon all over the walls I bet. We’ll see. I really can’t complain. Like I said earlier, life is really going well. It helps to do all those small and simple commandments that we often overlook and then scramble to do when we come across hard times.