Oh Croup, No Soup!

So my kids have croup.  Think really bad colds with coughs that sound like barking seals and so congested that you can hear their little selves weazing with every in and out breath they take.  The amazing thing is that 2 days ago these boys slept the whole day.  Talk about giving a mother anxiety.  What the heck was I suppposed to do all day with my kids sound a sleep in their room? 

Well last night I thought tomato soup with rice would be just the right thing for these guys.  Mikey walked up stairs before dinner was even started and went to bed for the night.  Josh, used his spoon to fling food everywhere and didn’t even have a bite.  Mike was working late, got about 4 min from home, and then got called back to work.  So I enjoyed soup by myself.  Rice in soup- not too bad!  I really liked it.

Not sure if these guys are getting any better and I’m sure I’ll be pulling the weight in nursery this Sunday since someone will have to stay home with sick kids, and I doubt it will be me.  Oh well, a break from sick kids is always welcomed.

On the bright side, these boys have proven that you’re never too old for Mommy hugs and have requested more hugs and to be held in the past 3 days then I can remember.  They’re so sweet and I love that they find me irresistable and are comfortable enough to wipe their noses on my shirt.  Well, I could do without the snotty nose stains, but I know it comes with the territory.  And I get to sit in my favorite piece of furniture, the glider recliner, and rock rock away with the thought of doing chores pushed off for another day.  Sick isn’t so bad really.

Here’s to hoping this counts as our winter sickness and that we can make it through the New Year with no more illness.  And thank goodness it isn’t H1N1!

June Events

Solar Oven Cooking- So Mike is getting pretty savvy with cooking in his solar oven.  I finally took pictures of the whole process to show how easy it is to use.  Basically you set it outside on a flat surface (or desert landscaping as in our case) facing the sun and set up the silver reflector thingies.  Those flaps are similar to flaps on a cardboard box so if you can open a box, you can set up a solar oven.  Wait a while and then go and check the temp on the thermostat that’s inside the solar oven.  When it’s hot (and it doesn’t take long) then use oven mitts to open the glass top lid and put your pot of food on the little swing inside the oven.  Go and check like every 1/2 hour to poke food and see if it’s done and also to rotate your oven since the sun moves and your box may be in the shade. 

We’ve done things backwards in that we’ve only cooked meats in our oven.  It’s sooooo juicy and delicious.  Even something as common as  a hotdog takes on a whole new flavor when cooked in the sun oven.  We think meat is much better tasting after cooking in our solar oven.  Most people start with bread or water to try out the oven.  Here’s some great recipesfor cooking with a solar oven.  Maybe we should have a BBQ without the grill and make hot dogs in our solar oven.

Joshy Milestones- We’re growing by leaps and bounds and walking!  Josh took his first steps at 15 months while Mike and Mikey were in St. George visiting Grandma. What was interesting is that he didn’t take 2 steps and fall down.  He walked across the family room from the tv to the couch and then preceded to walk from 1 piece of furniture to the next.  My sis-in-law the kid expert (or so we all believe) said that kids who hit milestones “later” tend to do better at them.  In this case, taking lots of steps before falling down and having hardly any time between learning to walk and then taking off and running.  Another biggy is that he is weaned. Freedom!!  Not too bad when all was said and done, but getting to that point sure seemed like forever.  He’s still pretty small (3rd percentile) and hasn’t hit the magic 20 lb mark yet so we’ll wait until his 18 month appt. to turn his carseat forward facing.  He doesn’t seem to mind facing backward since he can see and play with Mikey pretty well while we’re driving.

Staycation- One of the vendors Mike’s company uses had a customer appreciation event way in the middle of no where, seriously!  We packed up the car and headed north to Apex then west past Coyote Springs.  Discount Dumpsters is a family owned and operated business which has a ranch, landfill, man made lake, airplane runway, and animals all out there for family and friends to enjoy.  They had a BBQ, landfill tours, and lots of excitement in such an unusual setting.  We had a blast and would love to get to know these people better.

Being the house hunters we are, we couldn’t help ourselves being that close to Coyote Springs to go exploring. There’s just a golf course so far.

May in Review

Well May was a busy month.  So let’s get to the pictures to show off our events.  Well, my pics are scrambled and doing wierd things, so bear with me while I attempt to resolve the issue over the next few days… (Dear Husband, if you’re reading my blog please fix the pics).

Mother’s Day- we used our free Shark Reef tickets (mailed our taxes on April 15th at Mandalay Bay and received free tickets for doing so) and strolled around the exhibits.  Honestly, I’m glad we didn’t pay.  It lasted like a whole 15 minutes.  We had a blast just finally spending some quality family time together and the boys seemed to enjoy themselves.  We then went to try out a new restaurant using our restaurant.com gift certificate and had some pizza and pasta and fun finger foods.  And we finally got going with assembling more square foot garden boxes for the backyard.  Mikey calls them Olive Garden boxes.

CSN Graduation- Mike (hubs), Brian (brother), Valerie (friend from the old neighbor) + Dan (Val’s hubs) all graduated together.  So all the families and extended families sat next to eachother at the Thomas and Mack and squinted and strained to see each one.  Wait, let me rephrase that.  I have little kids who didn’t do so well sitting in the nosebleed section so we played by the concession stands with the stroller and conveniently watched the ceremonies on the tvs all around.  Afterwards we had a little party at the Institute bldg for all the grads.  Yay for college degrees.  I don’t think any of the grads feel much smarter though.  

It's Vegas Formal

It's Vegas Formal Gramps and Grams

The Future Mrs. – My little bro is finally getting married!  Oh my mother is rejoicing after 26 long years! We invited Heather’s parents over to our house to meet the family.  My grandpa from Washington was down for all the hoopla and our cousin Derrick made a surprise visit before his deployment to see Grandpa.  So we had a full house to share homemade Cafe Rio burritos and homemade ice cream.  We are a pet-free family and the pooches in the back were driving my dear husband crazy.  We had a great time visiting and the dogs didn’t scratch up or bust through the back windows so everything was okay!
The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple


Grandpa's Only Grandsons

Grandpa's Only Grandsons


Lola and Stitch

Lola and Stitch


Great Grandpa- spent 2 weeks with our family and really enjoyed seeing his only great grandsons.  He brought a toy tow truck that has officially been named Mater and he helped us a ton with projects in and around the house.  My grandpa is very handy and just always wants to be working on something.  He helped us run water lines through the garden boxes, make a shelf for Mike’s office, organized my garage, create a pantry in my coat closet, trimmed and tied our tree branches, and bought us patio chairs since ours blew over the wall and we never got them back.  This doesn’t even include the week we spent at my mom’s house and helping her with all her unfinished projects I get to inherit some day!  Thanks for all the help Grandpa.
Stocking the Coat Closet Pantry

Stocking the Coat Closet Pantry


 Resting During Garage Organization

Resting During Garage Organization


Go Fish Gwampa"

"Go Fish Gwampa"


The Gardener's Apprentice

The Gardener's Apprentice

"Yay for Gwampa"

"Yay for Gwampa"

Memorial Day- This is my favorite holiday for some crazy reason.  I remember going to a bunch of cemetaries with my grandma and she’d recite who was related to who and tell me a story about each one of the people and how they died.  Well now that she’s passed on it’s only my mom and I who go to the cemetaries.  Make that the cemetary.  We have our ritual of stopping to buy flowers and flags at the Richfield local WalMart and then heading to my grandpa and grandma’s grave.  We didn’t pay very close attention all those years to know who else was burried where.  I guess that’s a great reason to get started with geneology and figure out the other routes on my Memorial Day trek to decorate graves. 
 We then spend a week at my parents house and attempt to finish some sewing projects, take the boys to see the great outdoors, and help my mom with any projects she has going on for church or the city.  My grandpa V came up this time we helped my mom clean out her garage do some much needed yard work, and fix a few things.  All in all, a very enjoyable time with family.  Oh, and my dad took me for a ride on his new Harley- loved it!!!
Flags and Flowers

Flags and Flowers


My 1st Harley Ride with Dad

My 1st Harley Ride And the Dismount


I Prefer to Sit

I Prefer to Sit



Swing Time

Swing Time

Cutting the Green with Grandma

Cutting the Green with Grandma

Sharing Our Toys is Fun to Do

Sharing Our Toys is Fun to Do

Brotherly Love- I can’t believe how sweet and how mean these 2 boys can be to one another.  Luckily at Grandma and Grandpa N’s house this trip they were really good to each other.  I’m glad I caught these on camera, because some days I need the nice reminder that they can and do love eachother.  I am way too young to start getting gray hair, but these boys have brought it out in me, aughhh!
I Love My Brother

I Love My Brother

Tight Squeeze

Tight Squeeze



Dear Big Brother Mikey,


I just wanted to let you know that while you’re away at Grandma’s house I am holding my own back here at the house.  I’ve been playing with your Power Wheels Jeep in the garage and I even rode your bike a little bit.  I think Daddy will be able to realign the handle bars, but don’t worry, I didn’t get a scratch on it, anywhere!  I promise!

The Geo Trax are all doing well too!  I’ve watched you plenty of times load up the passengers and cargo and then move the handle on the remotes to make the trains move, so I gave it a try and did really well!  They are so much fun.  And I even put them back when I was done playing… well, most of them.

The puzzles I’m not too good with, yet!  I got a bit frustrated and just threw the pieces in a pile with all the Cox box of blocks that are all over the family room.  When you get home you can clean those up!

And I was having a difficult morning, so Mommy let me use your sippy bowl!  I love that thing!  I ate some cereal and then I even was able to sip up some cereal milk from the bowl.  I think I’ll want this bowl every morning now.  And I really wanted to use your place mat at lunch time too!  Did I mention we ate your favorite, mac n cheese, for lunch today?  You’re really missing out big brother. 

I wasn’t really in the mood for a nap, so guess what?  Mommy let me stay up.  That never happens when you’re here!

This evening we’re ordering pizza!  I’m so excited!  And Uncle Brian and Heather are coming over and we’re going to paint in Mommy’s room.  Maybe Unkee Brian will let me fly your kite tonight as well!  I think I can keep the kite strings untangled and off of the neighbor’s roof!?

So I am having a really great time with just Mommy and she’s paying a whole lot more attention to me with out you around, but I miss you Big Brother.  I hope you’re having fun at Grandma’s, but next time can you take me too?  I think Mommy deserves a much needed break from all her boys, even if it’s only for a weekend.  I am sleeping through the night, so I think Grandma would be okay if I came up too!  I kind of miss having you around to play with and chase and make funny sounds with.  Mommy just doesn’t do it right! 

Well give all my cousins slobbery kisses and tell them I will be up soon,

Little Brother Joshy

Josh Turns 13 AND 14 Months Old

I kind of missed posting about Josh at 13 months so we’ll just combine the 2!

I love babies at this stage.  Sure makes going through the newborn stage hard, but at least the fun stages are not too far off.  Josh has developed by leaps and bounds in the past 2 months!  He is so much fun and keeps us following at a close distance behind him.

- He signs food, milk, and more

- Can pull himself up to standing position and scale along the couch

-Climbs the stairs every night to go take a bath

- Turns onto his stomach to get off of beds, go down stairs, and slide off couches

- Has only worn shoes twice.  He prefers to be barefoot and isn’t afraid to climb over rocks to get to where he wants to be

-Moos like a cow when  prompted

-Covers his eyes to play peek a boo

- Blows kisses and gives slobery kisses to you before going to bed

-Takes a nap at 10am and 4pm on the dot.  (Such a nice good baby for still taking 2 naps!)

- Prefers touching cats rather than dogs

- Tries to tickle Mikey and enjoys climbing all over him

- Can spot a dessert or soda from a table away and has quite a sweet tooth.  Has taken a liking to Grandma’s homemade rootbeer and can drink it from a cup with some help. (Serves me right for eating sweets my entire pregnancy with him!)

-Stays with Daddy during 2nd and 3rd hour for church, but in a few months he’ll be able to attend nursery with Mom.

- Crawls regular and gets to where he’s going fast!

-Weighs about 18lbs

- Has tried eating rocks on numerous occassions in the backyard.

- Waves bye-bye to anyone and everyone

- Climbs in the dishwasher to help often

- Opens the bathroom drawers to play with Qtips and cotton balls

-Pulls all my shoes off their rack every morning in the closet

-Still prefers Mommy over Daddy, but is becoming more of a Daddy fan every day.

-Loves to play with balloons, pinwheels, and anything with small holes for his fingers.

-Stands and pushes the play shopping cart across the family room and soon I’m sure we’ll be recording his first steps!

April in Review

I kind of think I should just unload my camera’s pics at the end of the month and then blog a recap of important events to go along with the select few pictures.  Sounds easy and organized in my mind at least!

Well, let’s start where we still remember what was happening:

Anniversary- Mike and I have been married for a mere 5 years.  All is well in the Cox House of Fun.  We spend more time apart than together, but nightschool ends soon and I definitely have more time with my new calling.  Do we argue and disagree?  Of course, but when it comes down to it, we love eachother and have only knocked out 5 years of an eternity.  We are so in this for the long run.  Love you babe!  And since the “traditional” gift for a 5 year anniversary is wood, Mike was creative and got me a gift card to Home Depot knowing I would buy my materials to make my square foot garden boxes.  He also got me a gift card to Michael’s craft store to maybe buy some wood craft project and a gift card to Old Navy to buy something to wear that’s not wood!?!  Combine that with my $45 dollar off coupon and you’ve got a great deal to go shopping!  I love creative thinking for presents outside of the box- ha ha, no pun intended

Daddy's Little Helper
Daddy’s Little Helper


Boys Hard at Work
Boys Hard at Work


Square Foot Garden Box #1
Square Foot Garden Box #1

Easter: We have a tradition to invite Mike’s ATech HS friends and their kids over for an potluck picnic and Easter egg hunt at the park behind our house.  This was our 3rd annual Easter Eggstravaganza and we opened it up to our neighborhood group and church friends and had a record 45 people!  I didn’t even say hi to everyone, because I was making sure the food table was well stocked, but everyone ate, kids got to hunt for eggs, and then they all left!  Worked out great in my opinion =o)

Lightning McQueen Easter Basket
Lightning McQueen Easter Basket Josh and the Fox Family
Walking on the Wall

Walking on the Wall

The next day (real Easter Sunday) we went to the Lee’s who are in our ward and our kids and us adults have become really great friends.  We made homemade pizza and had a great Easter egg hunt.  Nice laid back time for all to enjoy.
My 3 Boys

My 3 Boys


Sharing the Loot

Sharing the Loot

Maddy, Joshy, Mikey, Rachel

Maddy, Joshy, Mikey, Rachel


My 1st Homemade Pizza

My 1st Homemade Pizza

Ta Da

Ta Da


Hidden Eggs in the Playhouse

Hidden Eggs in the Playhouse

New Calling: On Easter Eve I had a thought pop in my mind before I went to bed that the new RS presidency would be called the next day.  I bawled like a baby.  I have never had such an intense calling that pushed me to my limits, out of my comfort zone, and really made me question my beliefs and testimony.  Nothing can prepare you for a calling like that (in the RS presidency) more than going to the temple and being assured that you are doing this all for Heavenly Father and that He will provide a way and means for you to handle your calling, family, and other obligations.  I have never experienced such excruciating headaches than those on a Sunday afternoon, but I have never been able to say that I know a name and face of more than 75% of the sisters in my ward personally either.  I loved my calling, especially getting out and really getting to know the sisters.  There were struggles- food orders, a never ending revolving door of move ins and move outs like no other, and the occassional overscheduling of meetings on a school night, but I loved it.  I made up the rest of the diaper cakes (Mikey attempted to help) and was so excited to clear out my binders, manuals, and other RS things getting passed on to the new couselor which made some space in my house for food storage- yay!

My new calling is a Primary worker specifically in the nursery.  I’ll admit that I was a bit resentful at first since I would go from knowing everything about events and happenings in RS to knowing nothing since my 2 hours of the block would now be spent with 18-36month olds. But thanks to a wonderful Bishop who gave me a blessing, I can now rest assured that this is where I am supposed to be. All my worries and doubts have faded away and I honestly look forward to my huge classroom with 12 little kiddos ready and eager to learn of Jesus. The Lord needs me at this time to help foster the bity testimonies of His little ones.  I love a challenge and this is for sure a challenge!  So far I’ve relied on my college degree to help me in this area, but more importantly I’ve relied on the Lord.  That’s an important lesson right there!  I’m ready and anxious and seriously want to teach these kids to read!  I’ve got the 1st hour down as far as books and singing songs and now we just need some fine tuning to the second hour to make this little ship run smooth.  I am 1 of 3 teachers in this class actually so the extra help with crowd control really works wonders, thankgoodness for that!  This coming Sunday will be my 3rd time in there and it gets better (less behavior problems) each and every time!  Another important lesson is to take the initiative to still do the things you did before as far as reaching out to other sisters to make them feel welcomed to the ward.  And knowing about the RS activities might be a bit more difficult, but I still do what I can to find out and attend and do my part.  I am enjoying my Sunday calling and while I do miss my RS calling at times, I do know that it’s someone else’s turn to shine and serve the Lord to improve the education in RS at this time.  It’s someone else’s turn for serving and dealing with everyone else’s issues!

Mikey's Creative Touch
Mikey’s Creative Touch


Diaper Cakes Galore

Diaper Cakes GaloreYum Strawberry Group Order


Murder Mystery Dinner: Did you know that the Hotel at Mt. Charleston is super cheap and is starting to offer discounts and fun events to Las Vegas locals?  Well Mike is director of IT (fancy name for being their computer fix it guy) for the company who owns and runs the place and he came across their deal to attend a Murder Mystery Dinner up there.  Add on the employee discount, invite the Lee’s to come along for the fun, get a room for the Stevensons so they could babysit the kiddos for 2 hours, get all fancied up for a real date without kiddos in tow and you’ve got yourself a really nice grown up party! 

We were told shirt and tie, but apparently our idea of formal dress and the rest of the guests ideas were way off!  Oh well!  We were the best dressed couples that evening and had fun socializing with strangers and figuring out if Cougar the golf star, London the rich movie star, the cupcake baker, or the recently unemployeed lawyer did it in the ballroom with the snow globe!  None of us won, but we had fun trying!  Oh, and Mikey got sick on the way up and puked all over my car!   And then it happened in the middle of the night on the comforter, but at least he was in his own bed at the hotel and not sleeping between us.  I don’t handle vomit very well, but this poor sick kid I think has gotten me over being afraid of puke- I didn’t have a choice really!

The Sitters-Working for Food (and a Free Room)

The Sitters-Working for Food (and a Free Room)

My Hot Date!

My Hot Date!


The Bar- 21 and Older

The Bar- 21 and Older

The Morning After

The Morning After

Little Cheifs

Little Cheifs

Rum Tum Tum Banging on Our Drums

Rum Tum Tum Banging on Our Drums


Whew!  That’s a bunch in April, but I think I’m on to something doing this unload pics and blog all at once!  Stay tuned for more!

Happy 1st Birthday Joshua

My baby boy is 1 year old!  Grandma and Grandpa N came down to help celebrate.  They bought lots of toys and Grandma made his cake- a great tradition that I don’t mind at all!  She did an M&M cake with cupcakes too!  This family loves M&Ms.

So the Queen of Harts gave us left over birthday cake from her Giggle Girl’s birthday and we gave it to Josh to get used to real finger food.  Yeah, he picked that skill up in no time.  Come his real birthday that kid could down a cupcake faster than anyone!  I think he ate 4 cupcakes that day.  And don’t try and take any cake away from this little Tyke, because he would scream and let you know that taking cake away from a birthday boy was not acceptable!

Josh got a new swing, some sippy cups, clothes, blocks, his own teddy bear, and lots of loves from the family.  Oh yeah, and Uncle B. brought over his gf/ unofficial fiance (since she doesn’t have a ring) for the whole family to meet.  Welcome to the family Heather!  Okay, back to the Birthday boy.  At one he:

bites your shoulder or pizza from your fingers with a pirranah like chomp

drinks from a sippy if you hold it

get into the bathroom drawers and kitchen cupboard to play

puts toys away when he’s done

has 2 bottom teeth and 2 top teeth coming in

weighs only 16 lbs and in the 4th percentile. Quite petite!

is a total mamma’s boy

climbed up 1 stair just once

loves to crawl into the bathroom

hugs stuffed animals

likes to eat sweets

trying hard to pull himself up into standing position, but can only get on his knees

enjoys his exersaucer

giggles like Chunk on Goonies

loves to sit in laundry baskets

still army crawling everywhere he goes

Just Randomness

I need to post, but that means unloading pics to the computer- that takes a while.  I’ll just write what I’ve been up to.

Joshy turned 1… yeah, pictures coming soon!

Go google Diva Cup- brilliant, but I don’t think I could handle that.

I’ve got some unfinished projects crossed off my list- pics coming soon too!

So someone once asked me a while back what I like and what my hobbies were.  I am not the same person I was in hs, that’s for sure.  No exercise, no clubs, no parties, no cultural anything going on.  I seriously couldn’t think of any thing to tell this person besides the “oh I am a mom” answer.  Then finally I came up with clipping coupons and bargain shopping.  And then I realized that I need to get more involved with something, anything, and RS doesn’t count in my book. 

Although RS does keep me busy.  I love spreadsheets and keeping track of data like names, addresses, and phone #s.  I also retract my statement about wanting to go to nursery next.  I don’t want to be out of the loop so I hope my next adventure allows me to stay in RS for third hour.  I haven’t heard a thing, but I’ll put in a great word for all you who think it could never be you.  The RS  president is such a great calling.  I think you’d do well at it =o)  Or maybe we’ll just continue to run the show for a few more months. 

My 3 year old asked me to stand up so he could put pillows around where I was sitting on the couch to make me a pillow bed.  I chose to keep typing away on my laptop and he then asked me why I wasn’t obeying!!

Some day my kiddo will be potty trained.  It really doesn’t bother me to keep changing his diaper. 

I did the coolest FHE tonight.  We toured the church bldg with some other families in the ward and some investigators.  Talk about so cool!  I think this idea will stick.

I had a free $10 coupon to Wags that expired today.  I bought diapers and a few other things.

Morning Moos is at Costco for a really good price right now.

I’m pretty sure I’m getting neighbors.  And they will be in my ward.  And they don’t have any kids.  But they are the grandparents to someone in my ward.  Hope that means they will be my pseudo grandparents as well =o)

I think my weakness is Reeses anything!  PB and chocolate is a perfect combo.

I used to watch Big Love.  Then it got too raunchy so we canceled cable so I couldn’t and wouldn’t be tempted.  So far so good.

My only sibling, my younger brother, is getting married in November.  It’s so, like, whatever, since  it’s not my own wedding.  Been there done that so we’ll just show up to yours bro and eat the food and smile for family pics.

I enjoy making to do lists. 

I don’t know the last show I watched on tv. We’ve really gotten used to not watching it and don’t even think to turn it on anymore.  It’s great!

I’m looking out for a good deal on lawn chairs.  Just those simple plastic white chairs to go in the backyard.  Keep an eye out for me.

I’m tired now and need to go to sleep since baby still gets up in the night multiple times.

Game On


Mikey has taken a liking to playing games and related activities.  For Christmas he got Dora dominoes, Sesame Street dominoes, and for his birthday he got Mickey Mouse dominoes.  Can you guess what we play at our house all the time? 

He’s pretty good too! We showed him once how to turn the doubles side ways and continue placing pieces along them and he does it! 

Other games we play- Snap card game (similar to Egyptian War), go fish, Bingo (he’s way good at this one), checkers (still learning this one), chess (well, this one is a bit advanced so maybe mastery by kindergarten), the Cookie Jar game (played at 18 months), and the motorized fishing pond game (my least fave!)

And this kid loves puzzles!  No little red finger knobs needed.  He did a United States puzzle with Mike once and now attempts it all by himself.  If he starts with California, then he looks at the box and can figure out which pieces go where.  We’re learning states with this little activity.  He can tell you which one is missing too- West Virginia! 

So I was a crazy first time parent and was a little worried when Mikey turned 1 and wasn’t talking, but now as a 3 year old he blows me away with the stuff he can learn and retain! 

Joshy was having a hard day with teething and wouldn’t calm down for anything.  Mikey out of no where said, “Mommy, let I hold Voffy (Joshy) so he won’t be sad” and it totally worked!  Josh loves his big brother and Mikey is doing his best to teach Joshy all there is to know in the world including the rules of how to play all these games.   I sure love these cute little guys!

It’s Been 11 Months Since I had This Kid

We have a birthday coming up next month!  I can’t believe little Joshua is getting so old, well in baby months he’s an oldie!

We’re trying to keep up with our little guy.  Here’s what he’s doing:

Army crawling/ crippled man crawling his way to everything.  He lays on his stomach, keeps 1 leg straight and pushes his body around with the other leg and pulls himself along with his arms.  My friend said he looks like he’s crippled.  Pretty good definition of how he gets around.

Loves the kitchen floor because he can just slide/glide along on his stomach.  And the good food is under the bench where Mikey sits- we’re talking mac n cheese, noodles, cereal, yogurt drips.  Josh has mastered his route from the toys to the kitchen floor after meals.

Raises his arms above his head.

Waves hi and bye.  Or at least we think he knows how to do that!

Tried Cheerios for the first time and didn’t quite get the concept to chew and swallow.  He would gum them up and pop them out of his mouth.  Mikey had a blast pouring the cereal box onto Josh’s high chair tray and then preceded to eat the majority of the Cheerios.

His favorite toy is Mikey’s pinwheel.  He also enjoys his little play piano.  Mikey’s Ernie and Baby Bear are also some favorites.  Josh pulls them close and rubs his face in them like he’s trying to snuggle with them. He smiles every time he gets his hands on them.

Will play the I drop and you pick up game as long as you can stand it.

Tries feeding himself with a spoon.

When you ask if he’s tired he will lay his head down on your shoulder and tuck his hands under himself like he’s curling up to go to sleep.  We then sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star before putting him in the crib.

Likes to have ABC letters on his head during bath time.  It’s the boys’ new game with Daddy during bath time.

Wakes up 2 times during the night.  I should just bite the bullet and let him cry it out, huh? 

Starting to crawl over things.  The food storage bucket lids were his first attempt at getting over something.  Now he crawls over legs and Mikey’s tummy to get to the other side.

Likes cell phones and has dropped mine 1 too many times.  I’m due for a new one very soon!

Has made his way into the bathroom to play.  We now keep the doors shut!

Crawls over to doors and gets such a thrill out of closing them and then pulling them from underneath to open them.

Happy happy happy and doesn’t get separation anxiety unless Daddy is holding him and Mommy is standing close by.  He’s a Mommy’s boy for sure!

Sits in the shopping cart and puts his legs up and over the handle bar every time.  We get quite a few comments about this relaxed little kid.

Likes to put balls in holes and put his fingers in small spaces to explore.  And he has mastered the game of demolishing the towns, tracks, towers, that Mikey has built.

Loves to sit across from other babies and touch them and share their toys.

Sticks his tongue out a lot!