We’re Ba-ack

It only took hubby 6 months to get my blog off an old server and onto where ever it is now.  That’s okay though, bc the important thing is he finally got it done.  And I got a new laptop for my birthday.  Replacing my old one only took like closer to 2 years, but it’s done and we’re on our way to blogging more frequently.  Stay tuned, bc I have lots to blog about.

Blogger’s Block Update

I actually have much to show and tell all, but my laptop is out of service.  I plug it in to charge and it doesn’t charge unless the conditions are perfect- it has to be on its side, me pushing with all my might that little cord into its backside, cord not too kinked on the ground and plug hanging out just a bit from the wall!  I don’t have time for this so on I go letting it loose its charge and then reminiscing of the day when I would unload my camera pics to my laptop and blog blog away! 

So, in the mean time, I’ll just blog the list of things I need to blog and hopefully soon we can get little blue Toshiba laptop friend back in business.  On the plus side, I’m on the internet less and actually spending quality time with my kids.  The house is cleaner too!  AND I’m sharing my hubby’s laptop. Not too bad, really!

Blog worthy events (the pics still on my camera):

Mothers/ Fathers Day, Shark Reef, Great Grandpa V comes to town, Coat closet pantry, Graduation, Square Foot Garden, Memorial Day in Utah, Sun oven cooking, Discount Dumpster’s Customer Appreciation Event, Josh starts walking, Josh turns 15 and 16 months old, Babysitting Adventures, 4th of July, Backyard haircuts, KMart toy clearance finds, Vons store closing and other great grocery trips!

So just use your imagination when it comes to the pictures to go along with the things we’ve been up to these past few months. And if you have a suggestion to get my lazy computer back up to working condition then please leave a comment and let me know!

Sew Little Time

I’ve been attending free sewing lessons weekly since before Christmas.  The idea was to start on a rag quilt and dedicate my weekly sewing hour to finishing it.  Well along the way I’ve stumbled upon clothes in this house with missing buttons, hand me down pants for the boys that have holes in the knees and other places as well, shirts that have little rips or tears, dish towels needing mending, some camis that are too long, and hubby’s pants that are shredding at the bottom, because they’re too long and drag on the ground.  Well my mending pile has become so large that I’ve been abandoning that rag quilt for months, because fixing these clothing items have taken over! 

Well I broke out the sewing machine last night and today and repaired just about everything in my large heap.  The good news is I have learned how to successfully fix all of these minor clothing problems.  I can fix my own clothes!  That’s about as exciting as yelling “I’m debt free!” to Dave Ramsey honestly.  I think I’ve fixed 12 things and have 3 more that require some expert guidance before I attempt them. This doesn’t include the 1 or 2 items I’ve been taking to my weekly sewing lessons for the past couple of months!  My theme for year is “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!  I’m hoping the fix it pile is empty soon so I can get back to attending water aerobics (sewing and water aerobics are scheduled during the same time.)  Anyone up for free water aerobics on Tues and Thurs evenings?

April 15- My Taxes Are Due!

In case you procrastinate the day of your acceptance (of owing/ receiving money to/from the IRS) remember for next year that you can mail your return from Mandalay Bay on April 15th and receive a FREE ticket to the Shark Reef aquarium.  You don’t even have to unload the kiddos or get out of your car!  Just drive up to the east convention parking lot, hand over your stamped envelope and they drop it in the blue mail box and hand you a FREE ticket for each tax return you mail.  I did ours and then so graciously offered to mail my sis-in-law’s and cousin’s taxes so I could get more free tickets.  Totally easy and totally worth waiting until the last minute.  There was no line at all like some of those post offices I drove by- sheesh!

Happy 1st Birthday Joshua

My baby boy is 1 year old!  Grandma and Grandpa N came down to help celebrate.  They bought lots of toys and Grandma made his cake- a great tradition that I don’t mind at all!  She did an M&M cake with cupcakes too!  This family loves M&Ms.

So the Queen of Harts gave us left over birthday cake from her Giggle Girl’s birthday and we gave it to Josh to get used to real finger food.  Yeah, he picked that skill up in no time.  Come his real birthday that kid could down a cupcake faster than anyone!  I think he ate 4 cupcakes that day.  And don’t try and take any cake away from this little Tyke, because he would scream and let you know that taking cake away from a birthday boy was not acceptable!

Josh got a new swing, some sippy cups, clothes, blocks, his own teddy bear, and lots of loves from the family.  Oh yeah, and Uncle B. brought over his gf/ unofficial fiance (since she doesn’t have a ring) for the whole family to meet.  Welcome to the family Heather!  Okay, back to the Birthday boy.  At one he:

bites your shoulder or pizza from your fingers with a pirranah like chomp

drinks from a sippy if you hold it

get into the bathroom drawers and kitchen cupboard to play

puts toys away when he’s done

has 2 bottom teeth and 2 top teeth coming in

weighs only 16 lbs and in the 4th percentile. Quite petite!

is a total mamma’s boy

climbed up 1 stair just once

loves to crawl into the bathroom

hugs stuffed animals

likes to eat sweets

trying hard to pull himself up into standing position, but can only get on his knees

enjoys his exersaucer

giggles like Chunk on Goonies

loves to sit in laundry baskets

still army crawling everywhere he goes

25 Random Things About Me!

1. I only have 1 pair of flip flops.  They’re black.  My first pair was given to me by a college roomie and they were red, white, and blue and lasted about 6 years before that toe divider thingy busted.  I miss them!

2. I have only had short hair for 1 year and it bugs me.  I don’t take the time to do anything with it.  Plus it’s so thick that it has to be layered which makes it hard to do anything with as well.  I’m growing it out and going back to my old ways of long and loving it!

3. I met my husband at church!  Ha, I can’t believe that’s our story.  We were on the Youth Conference Committee together for the Sandstone Stake, but we didn’t know eachother beforehand.

4. I really like to eat Twizzlers licorice.  Not RedVines or any other brand.

5. My hubby calls me Princess Cheese Puff because I really like to eat cheese.  I love chocolate too, but don’t have a nickname for that one.

6. When I was little I hated that big wrinkle that everyone has going across their big toe.  I never wore sandals that revealed my toes or walked around barefoot during the summer as a result.

7. I went to Western High School and my senior year I was drum major in the band, captain of the tennis team, captain of the Varsity Quiz team, President of National Honor Society, Academics editor of the year book, and on the seminary student council.  I had a school uniform every day I could wear!

8. I used to chase boys in 1st grade, pin them against the chain link fence and make them kiss me.  

9. My first job was a “courtesy clerk” at Smith’s grocery store.  I loved that job and occassionally I got to work nonfoods and also in the bakery.  Great experience.

10. I graduated from Southern Utah University with a degree in Elementary Education and came back to NV to teach.  My plan was to come back and teach the whole time.

11. I was never really good at math and sometimes I hated it.  My dad told me there’s no way to avoid math, so just get good at it.  I minored in math in college and know that a miracle got me through Calculus 1.  I even for a split sec thought I’d want to teach Jr. High pre algebra for the rest of my life. 

12. I count people’s toes to make sure they have 10 little piggies!  Everyone so far has had 10 piggies!

13. Our first house was a cute little orange 2 bed 2 bath house with a 2 car garage built in the 1970’s.  I’d move back in a heart beat! 

14. I really enjoy Memorial Day.  I think decorating graves is awesome.  Christmas is good too!

15- I love coupons!  My mom clipped coupons and taught me all about comparison shopping and finding the price per pound.  I clipped coupons in college and would share them with my roomies.  They just laughed.  When hubs and I become millionaires (at age 30 according to our friends) I will still clip coupons for sure!

16-  I’ve had 2 c-sections which guarantees the rest will come out the same way as well. 

17- I’m a graduate school drop out.  I’ve taken all the classes to earn my Masters Degree in Early Childhood- Special Edcuation from UNLV, but I waited too long to go back and register for the last two classes.  Some day I’ll finish.

18- My RS calling has forced me to get over being scared of strangers.  I just dive in and call/ stop by/ leave my contact info for strangers/ etc.  Meeting new people has become a personal goal for me I guess. It drives me nuts to not know a sister in my ward.  There are a few still though I have never met.

19- I’m a bit OCD.  Just ask my hubby.  My kiddo has picked up on it a bit so I’ve learned to loosen up… but just a little bit.

20- I’m half Hispanic.  Sure wish my mom would have taught me Spanish though!

21- I have a square freckle on my ear and so does my younger brother.

22- Lost my last tooth in high school.

23- The Cali mom with the 14 kiddos totally doesn’t bug me like it does the rest of the world.  Good luck to her!  Just glad it’s not me.

24- Some people like to buy clothes or shoes.  I like to buy groceries and food storage!  It’s a total high for me.

25- I could go on and on.  I enjoy talking about myself =o)

To Decorate or Not to Decorate. That is the Question

Mikey has anxiously been waiting for the day when we could finally bring down the Christmas train from the high shelves in the garage.  Mike teased him the other day by getting the train down, having Mikey eat all of his dinner and then said, “Okay Mikey, time to go to bed!”  Oh if you could have seen those eyes!  I think they were comparable to this priceless expression!

Well of course we let Mikey get out the Christmas train rather than go to bed early and we set it all up and listened to it for oh probably an hour.  We set up the Christmas tree too, so the train wouldn’t look out of place.  Well Mikey’s got his train and I’ve got the tree set up and now I’m debating if I even really want to set up all the decorations and ornaments on the tree.  Don’t think we’re in need of anything if you come over and visit and our tree and train look a little meager this year.  I assure you that there’s a lot more where all that stuff came from- meaning the garage.  We’re talking 4 large totes full of Kris Kringly cheer and decor.  If I don’t get it out, then I won’t have to put it away in like 2 weeks.