A Reminder that I Live with Boys

(On Sunday morning while getting ready for church)

Daddy: Mikey, look up at the ceiling and pretend to look at a cute girl while I put your necktie on.

Mikey: Ok

Daddy: So which cute girl were you thinking about?

Mikey: Mommy!  She’s the cutest girl I know.

Mommy: Will you please go check in my closet and bring me my bras so I can wash clothes today?

Mikey: Mommy, what’s a bra?

Mommy: Good question.  I’ll go look for them.

(later that night)

Mikey: Oh mommy, those pajama pants are just so adorable on you!  I like those colors so much.

He’s obviously picked up on my vocabulary.

Joshy Speaks


Last night I realized that Josh is slowly learning more words and that I better record them before I forget.  It’s so funny what he says and I know it’s a matter of time before he masters the real words.  And isn’t that a great picture of Josh up there, minus the forehead battle wound?  Love it!

Mo Mo or Amo = Elmo

Tommy= Thomas the Train

Oopyman= Superman

My My= Mikey

Ite= Light

Mil= Milk

Coooookee= Cookie

chee= Cheese

Naa= Snack

Dah Dah= Ta dah

Niy Niy= Night night

He also can say correctly: more, mommy, daddy, no, go, baby, Maddie (his friend), car, and a few others I’m sure I’m forgetting.

Christmas at Town Square

Today we went to free story time at Town Square where we danced around with Frosty the Snowman while playing with bubbles and eating sugar cookies and candy canes.  Frosty’s assistant even made balloon animals to give to the kids.  I was really impressed.  We even waited in line to sit on Santa’s lap.  That didn’t go too bad, but Mikey froze and completely was speechless when it came time to tell Santa what he wanted.  Poor Santa had to guess a bunch of times while Mikey nodded and shook his head in attempts to get Santa to say “Geo Trax”.  We’ll hopefully make another stop before Christmas to visit the jolly man and get our wish list vocalized.

Later at home Mikey made quite the profound statement about his observations today.

Mikey: I think Frosty lives in the bathroom.

Me: What?  Why do you think that?

Mikey: Because Frosty went into the bathroom after story time so I think that’s his home.

Me: Maybe Frosty needed to go potty.

Mikey: No, Frosty didn’t have any private parts.  I don’t think snowmen have any private parts, mom!

Me: (trying to hold laughter in) Oh, okay!

Day Off

Thank a Vet

Thank a Vet

My kiddos actually slept in until 10am, which was really nice.  We missed the parade downtown, but according to Mike we really only missed a dispute between and Dina Titus supporter and non supporter who were yelling at each other from across the street.  And the Gold Spike Hotel & Casino has a great Prime Rib special for like $4.99.  Can’t beat cheap Vegas food deals. 

So thanks to all those who serve our country each and everyday to protect our freedoms.  And thanks to their awesome families who are so supportive and sacrifice as well.  A shout out to all those Nellis Manor service men and women who I’ve come to know and love.  We support you!

Mikey’s Taylor Swift/ Word Girl Connection

Word Up it's Word Girl

Word Up it's Word Girl

I think this is a cute little text to world connection.  We were driving around today in the truck and the ever-so-catchy Taylor Swift “You Belong to Me” song was playing. 

Mikey:  I like this song.  It says that word that they say on Word Girl all the time.

Me : What word is that?

Mikey: something I couldn’t figure out that sounds like: butchert

Me: Blood shirt?

Mikey: No, butchert

Later at home Mikey tells me it’s not a word they say, but a person.  So we go to the PBS kids website, search for Word Girl, scroll through the villians, and he identifies the butcher from the pictures shown. 

Mikey: on the song it goes when you wake up and find the butchert

Me: Let’s go listen to the song, because I’m still confused (goes and pulls up Taylor Swift lyrics website and listens to song with Mikey)

Here’s the real lyrics of the chorus:

But she wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts
She’s Cheer Captain and I’m on the bleachers
Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find
That what you’re looking for has been here the whole time

Apparently the part about “wake and find that what you’re looking for” sounds like “wake and a find the butcher” to little Mikey.   Thought it was pretty funny and I’ll probably sing along in the truck to Taylor Swift while thinking about Word Girl from now on.  Oh that song is so catchy.  Sorry if you now have Taylor Swift stuck in your head.

National Delurking Week

So if you’re reading this blog post please stop lurking and post a comment for me.  I need some love, really!  Today’s my birthday and I’m having a hard time with this getting older thing.  A 10 year reunion is fast approaching, I’m finding gray hairs all the time, and the only thing left for my kid to learn is to tie his own shoes then go on a date and get married!  So share some love and I promise I will share some back =o)  Thank you!

May in Review

Well May was a busy month.  So let’s get to the pictures to show off our events.  Well, my pics are scrambled and doing wierd things, so bear with me while I attempt to resolve the issue over the next few days… (Dear Husband, if you’re reading my blog please fix the pics).

Mother’s Day- we used our free Shark Reef tickets (mailed our taxes on April 15th at Mandalay Bay and received free tickets for doing so) and strolled around the exhibits.  Honestly, I’m glad we didn’t pay.  It lasted like a whole 15 minutes.  We had a blast just finally spending some quality family time together and the boys seemed to enjoy themselves.  We then went to try out a new restaurant using our restaurant.com gift certificate and had some pizza and pasta and fun finger foods.  And we finally got going with assembling more square foot garden boxes for the backyard.  Mikey calls them Olive Garden boxes.

CSN Graduation- Mike (hubs), Brian (brother), Valerie (friend from the old neighbor) + Dan (Val’s hubs) all graduated together.  So all the families and extended families sat next to eachother at the Thomas and Mack and squinted and strained to see each one.  Wait, let me rephrase that.  I have little kids who didn’t do so well sitting in the nosebleed section so we played by the concession stands with the stroller and conveniently watched the ceremonies on the tvs all around.  Afterwards we had a little party at the Institute bldg for all the grads.  Yay for college degrees.  I don’t think any of the grads feel much smarter though.  

It's Vegas Formal

It's Vegas Formal Gramps and Grams

The Future Mrs. – My little bro is finally getting married!  Oh my mother is rejoicing after 26 long years! We invited Heather’s parents over to our house to meet the family.  My grandpa from Washington was down for all the hoopla and our cousin Derrick made a surprise visit before his deployment to see Grandpa.  So we had a full house to share homemade Cafe Rio burritos and homemade ice cream.  We are a pet-free family and the pooches in the back were driving my dear husband crazy.  We had a great time visiting and the dogs didn’t scratch up or bust through the back windows so everything was okay!
The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple


Grandpa's Only Grandsons

Grandpa's Only Grandsons


Lola and Stitch

Lola and Stitch


Great Grandpa- spent 2 weeks with our family and really enjoyed seeing his only great grandsons.  He brought a toy tow truck that has officially been named Mater and he helped us a ton with projects in and around the house.  My grandpa is very handy and just always wants to be working on something.  He helped us run water lines through the garden boxes, make a shelf for Mike’s office, organized my garage, create a pantry in my coat closet, trimmed and tied our tree branches, and bought us patio chairs since ours blew over the wall and we never got them back.  This doesn’t even include the week we spent at my mom’s house and helping her with all her unfinished projects I get to inherit some day!  Thanks for all the help Grandpa.
Stocking the Coat Closet Pantry

Stocking the Coat Closet Pantry


 Resting During Garage Organization

Resting During Garage Organization


Go Fish Gwampa"

"Go Fish Gwampa"


The Gardener's Apprentice

The Gardener's Apprentice

"Yay for Gwampa"

"Yay for Gwampa"

Memorial Day- This is my favorite holiday for some crazy reason.  I remember going to a bunch of cemetaries with my grandma and she’d recite who was related to who and tell me a story about each one of the people and how they died.  Well now that she’s passed on it’s only my mom and I who go to the cemetaries.  Make that the cemetary.  We have our ritual of stopping to buy flowers and flags at the Richfield local WalMart and then heading to my grandpa and grandma’s grave.  We didn’t pay very close attention all those years to know who else was burried where.  I guess that’s a great reason to get started with geneology and figure out the other routes on my Memorial Day trek to decorate graves. 
 We then spend a week at my parents house and attempt to finish some sewing projects, take the boys to see the great outdoors, and help my mom with any projects she has going on for church or the city.  My grandpa V came up this time we helped my mom clean out her garage do some much needed yard work, and fix a few things.  All in all, a very enjoyable time with family.  Oh, and my dad took me for a ride on his new Harley- loved it!!!
Flags and Flowers

Flags and Flowers


My 1st Harley Ride with Dad

My 1st Harley Ride And the Dismount


I Prefer to Sit

I Prefer to Sit



Swing Time

Swing Time

Cutting the Green with Grandma

Cutting the Green with Grandma

Sharing Our Toys is Fun to Do

Sharing Our Toys is Fun to Do

Brotherly Love- I can’t believe how sweet and how mean these 2 boys can be to one another.  Luckily at Grandma and Grandpa N’s house this trip they were really good to each other.  I’m glad I caught these on camera, because some days I need the nice reminder that they can and do love eachother.  I am way too young to start getting gray hair, but these boys have brought it out in me, aughhh!
I Love My Brother

I Love My Brother

Tight Squeeze

Tight Squeeze



Mikey’s Oatmeal Coupon

Mikey just brought me a creation made with legos.  What a happy moment- he told me it was a spinning coupon machine and that I should pull the $1 off coupon from it.  “It’s a $1.00 off oatmeal coupon to use to help Daddy’s shingles go away!” he proudly exclaimed.

“And here comes a $1.00 off yogurt coupon.  And here’s an automatic tickle machine coupon coming too!”

What a proud mom I am.  My kiddo pretends to shop with coupons and won’t buy if it’s expensive or he doesn’t have a coupon.  And when his imagination and legos combine he creates me my own coupon generator for products I like.  Sounds like a keeper to me, the kiddo and the coupon machine =o)

Mikey Says:

Mikey: If I don’t clean up my toys before you vacuum will Heavenly Father come and take them away?

Me: (thinking long and hard) No. But Daddy might!


Mikey (while in the bathtub): the black stuff isn’t scrubbing off my feet.

Me: Here’s some soap for your wash rag so you can scrub your feet.

Mikey: It’s not working.  I think your black hair is just stuck in my feets and it won’t come off until tomorrow.

Me: I don’t have black hair. I have brown hair.

Mikey: No, the top of your hair looks black to me and then it gets brown.


Mikey: Look at me, mom!

Me: Stop jumping off the couch please.  That’s a bad choice.

Mikey: Why?

Me: Because I said so and Joshy will try to do it and get hurt.

Mikey: Oh, I will never ever make bad choices again.  And I will never stop eating lasagna either!

{later that day}

Me: Stop please.  That’s a naughty choice.

Mikey: But sometimes I want to make good choices and sometimes I want to make naughty choices in the day.  I just want to do what I want, OKAY!  Is that okay?

lucky for me I can keep my cool through these episodes!