Cell Phone Unloaded

I do not have a smart phone nor do I want one!  That’s fine for a few more months I think.  I take a pic with my cell phone, send a pic msg to my hubby who, then with the click of a button, can email me the pic.  For some reason the cord to connect my phone to the computer connects, but doesn’t pull anything off my cell phone.

I personally like my method of retrieving cell phone pics, but I think he’s getting a bit tired of it.  It would be nice to blog from to my phone, but I’m not ready to read emails, read blogs and facebook updates and surf the net any time I want.  I just don’t want to be that connected to my phone.  I might as well have it attached at the hip as another limb or something.

Well, here’s a bunch of pics that were taken with my camera over the longest time that are finally making it to the blog.  Oh, I can’t take pics with my phone anymore, because the memory is all used up and I need to delete pictures.  Nothing like motivation to get me into action!

As They Grow

Need to get rid of your kid/baby clothes, toys, games, furniture, books, sports equipment, and everything else related to baby?  Stroller, carrier, bumbo, boppy, diaper bag, hair bows?

As They Grow is a city wide consignment event that lets you do just that.  You pick your price, tag your clothes, drop it off to them at the location, and they put them on racks and sell them!  It’s truly brilliant the way they set up and run everything.  It will be in mid March this year and really crept up fast!

I didn’t sell anything last year, but went to buy clothes and made such a killing for all 3 of my kiddos.  I saved so much money and bought lots of cool toys and books to give as Christmas presents to my kiddos.

If you don’t want to sell, that’s okay too!  Just go and buy and enjoy the great deals!

Maybe I’ll see you there!  Last year I ran into like 3 people from my previous ward.  I am totally going to beat them to the 5t-6 sized clothes to get my kid a nice Sunday suit! You know who you are! *wink*

There is another consignment event tentatively scheduled for July put on by another local group.  They are still trying to track down a location.  From what I hear, As They Grow is much more organized and just plain better for what ever that’s worth!

Checking You Out

No, this post has nothing to do with the cashier at the grocery store!  

I’ve been catching up on blog reading and must say I love it!  I’m still not ready to get that thingy on the side of my blog that puts the most recently updated blog on the top, but maybe I should look into that (have hubby do that for me), because I’ve been reading for 2 hours already!  Sheesh!

An October to Remember

I think our family’s favorite holiday is Halloween.  We’ve decided to start a tradition of driving to Knott’s Berry Farm every year around Halloween.  We went last year on the day of Halloween and were greeted by no lines, nice sunny weather, and a fun-filled day appropriate for a 1 year old and 3 year old.   And the end of October just isn’t complete without the wonderful Ward Halloween Party and Trunk or Treat.  We love this time of year!

This year we gave an earlier weekend a try to go to Knott’s and boy was it busy!  Note to self- go to amusement parks on the actual holiday.  Our reason for going to California in the first place was so Mike could do some computer work at the corp. office in LA.  Basically, they pay for gas and hotel and we turn the business trip into a family vacation.

So we drove out Wed. evening and checked into a Hilton, woo woo!  No Paris or celebs spotted, but we liked the room and the outrageous $3.50 candy bars that were loaded in the mini fridge.  We resisted that expensive temptation!

Thurs.  Mike went to work and I played the role of Supermom and took all 3 kiddos to the LA Zoo ALL BY MY SELF!  The zoo has more square footage than the San Diego Zoo, but less # of animals.  And the nice lady in front of us gave me a coupon to use, yay!  I had a double stroller and Hannah was so good the whole day.  She fell asleep a number of times and just let us stroll around and look at the animals.   Mikey and Josh would take turns getting stroller- to- attraction treatment and really didn’t complain about all the walking they had to do.  Mikey’s favorite animals were the zebras and Josh’s favorite animals were the monkeys.  I really liked watching the zoo keeper feed the hippo and I was amazed at how tall the giraffes were and how enormous the elephant was.  We had pizza for lunch and had to dodge the seasonal bumble bees that made their presence EVERY WHERE!  Luckily no stings, just upset boys when the bees came too close for comfort.  We spent all day at the zoo and could have stayed longer, but we were getting exhausted and anxious to see daddy and get some dinner.

Zebras My 1st Zoo Trip Giraffes Baboons All Tuckered Out Open Wide Comparing Maps The Elephant Tortoise

I thought I’d go find a Little Caesar’s Pizza for dinner before we picked up Mike.  I got myself extremely lost and very scared.  Oh, and I really needed to use the bathroom!  We were like in mtns. and no GPS to help me really.  Finally I just exited the freeway, headed back from where I came, and stopped in a Baptist church that was having a craft fair!  I’ve never had to go potty so bad in my life!!  2 kiddos were sleeping so I just took Mikey in with me and we did our thing.   I totally ditched the pizza idea, went to get Mike, and let him google an Italian restaurant. 

 We ended up taking the entire family to a nice classy place where children aren’t normally allowed.  We of course didn’t know this until we got there.  They weren’t busy and said on the phone to come on over and they’d take care of us.  We walk in and notice glass glasses of every shape and size and breakable plates.  Luckily we survived that adventure!  We told them to just put the kid’s food on a paper plate.  I don’t even thing my kids ate very much, but our waiter was so genuinely nice.  He brought out stir straws for the kids to stack into shapes and play with while we waited for our food.  He gave us free gelato and even made the kids some green concoction to drink that was an Armenian drink that his kids enjoy.  I wish I could remember the name of the place!

Friday- We dropped Mike off at work and I took the kiddos to Griffith Park (think Central Park, but on the west coast).  First stop- Travel Town.  It’s a free museum all about trains.  If you know these boys then you know they l0ve their Geo Trax trains and everything relating to trains.  There were real trains on tracks that the boys could climb on and lots of exhibits for their train loving and viewing pleasure.  I packed a lunch for all of us and we ate at the picnic tables in Travel Town.  A squirrel teased us from the nearby tree, but it was a much better lunch companion than the bees from the previous day.  We of course had to ride the mini train that took us all around the park (that did cost $, but so worth the few bucks) and see all the trains and people there that day.

Engine Engine The Whole Crew  All Aboard! Tracks The Most Useful Team Travel Town

Next we tried to find the merry-go-round on the opposite side of Griffith Park, but got lost and came across a huge playground.  We played there a bit, got scraped knees, and got back in the truck to continue on our adventure.  We kind of just drove until we found another train to ride in the park.  At this 3rd stop they had pony rides and train rides.  Mikey had such a blast just riding all by himself on his pony.  Josh had no desire so we just walked around until Mikey finished his ride.  And the train ride was another small kiddie train, but we had fun riding around that little part of Griffith Park. 


The kids fell asleep on the truck ride to pick up daddy, so Mike and I enjoyed some Mexican food for dinner all by ourselves when we got back to our hotel room.  We were fans of the food and the quiet time.

Saturday was the long awaited day to hit the park, or farm I guess is more appropriate.  We found some great discounts + an online coupon code to Knott’s Berry Farm before we left Vegas.  It was cheaper admission than the Adventure Dome in town so we were thrilled with our bargain price!  They decorate the entire park with Halloween themed signs, people in costumes, and decor.  The kids each got a bag and treasure map to go search through Camp Snoopy (appropriately called Camp Spooky during October) to get candy at designated locations.  

The weather was much colder than last year and the lines were longer than last year’s trip as well.  Handing off Hannah between Mike and I pretty much guaranteed her getting NO nap that day.  We got smart and as Mike was on 1 ride with the boys I would take the baby and go get in line at the next ride.  The boys would then join me on the ride and Hannah and daddy would head to the next ride to wait in line.  We made it work!   Mikey was tall enough to go on the ferris wheel this year and he really enjoyed that.  He also went on a roller coaster and sat with a nice lady who didn’t mind helping us out by having him ride with her.  We ate the best Mexican lunch and then headed for the train!  We, of course, had to ride the train more than once.  It was a full-sized steam locomotive with train robbers and all!  


Before leaving we headed across the street to see the replica full-size model of Liberty Hall.  This was per Mike’s request.  We then headed to my Aunt Kathryn’s house for a nice warm home cooked dinner. 


 No sooner do we get inside my aunt’s house and Josh pukes all over Mike.  We eat a bit and then Mike heads to where ever he can find to buy new clean clothes.  Josh pukes again all over my aunt’s favorite chair that’s right in front of the tv!  You know, THAT chair!  They help me wash him down and change him and set him on a towel on the kitchen floor, bc Hannah is crying and hungry and I have no more hands!  Luckily Mikey can fend for himself and Mike makes it back with Toy Story 3 pjs which  cheers little Josh up almost instantly.  I guess the bright side is that puke at a relative’s house is so much better than in a vehicle!  Oh man, what an adventure!

Sunday we thought about trying to be all perfect and attend a ward out there, but seeing as how pukey boy was sleeping in, we just loaded up with no hurrying and headed to the corp office to get the items needing transporting to Las Vegas.  We headed home in decent time and found house nice a clean (thanks Mom!). 

Ward Trunk or Treat- Our ward’s trunk or treat was the first one scheduled of the bunch we wanted to attend.  We dressed up as the Berenstain Bears and invited some friends from our previous ward.  Lees, McGuires, and Jenkins all came to check out our new ward with us and therefore Mikey got to hang out with his fave friends from the old ward.  There was chili, trunk or treating, and fun little games and activities going on inside the church bldg. 

 The Berenstain Bears A Friend-Lee Crew Little Cubs

Ironically, this was the only trick or treating we did this year!  We went to the Lee’s hosue for dinner the day of their ward’s trunk or treat and ended up skipping the whole event!  The kids were having so much fun playing that they chose to stay and watch a movie rather than go trunk or treating.

Pumpkin carving- Uncle Brian’s tradition is to carve pumpkins with the boys.  And now that he’s married his wife Heather can join the fun too!  Uncle Brian and Aunt Heather came over and helped the boys design and carve the perfect pumpkins this year.  Team Brian/ Mikey were going for a spooky look while team Joshy/ Heather were just going for whatever Josh wanted at the minute (it changed from Elmo to spooky, to crazy, to silly).  Hannah was just happy to be a part of it all!


Halloween fell on a Sunday so we decided we would only hand out candy this year.  The boys weren’t disappointed at all and actually had a marvelous time giving out pass along cards and a candy bar to the trick or treaters.


All in all, a fun October was had by all!  Now to get ready for blogging about Christmas…

Summer Swim Time

We live by a really cool site in our new residence.  It looks just like a beach and has a shallow lake with beach chairs, life guards, and cabanas.  Every Tuesday this summer we would invite some friends over and head to the Lagoon for a few hours of swimming and then a picnic lunch. 

 Hannah did really well to just sleep in her carrier for the majority of our trips. Oh those were the days =o)

 Mikey was so eager to head out to the deeper part (3 feet) that on one occasion he forgot to put on his life jacket and floaties and started bobbing up and down yelling for help!  Aunt Michelle (who was not planning on getting wet) quickly ran out to him and pulled him back to shore.  The lifeguards then took notice that something was wrong!   The next week Michelle had purchased Mikey a bright yellow Sponge Bob swimsuit that had built in floaties.  That suit is awesome!  He could go out to the deep end and stay head afloat with no help from me.   He also liked riding the paddle boats with Aunt Michelle and waving at us from the other side of the bridge.

Joshy was easy to keep track of.  He was the only kid NOT in the water.  He’d sit on the edge of the water and play with buckets and sand the whole time.  He hated having a life jacket on or the arm floaties.  About 2 trips before the Lagoon closed for the summer he finally gave swimming a try and loved it.  We got a little floaty boat thing that he could sit in and that’s what he really liked.  So he only got in the water 2 different times, but tanned like he was swimming everyday the entire summer!  He still has tan lines! Not sure how he got so lucky. 

We’ll see how many times we’ll go next summer, since I’m sure 3 kiddos will want to swim at the same time and I’ll for sure loose track of them, but I’ll attempt just about anything once!

Hannah’s Baby Shower

This is long over due, but I had to get it on the blog. 

About 3 weeks before I was due I finally gave in to having a baby shower for little Miss Hannah.  I had only bought her a pair of hot orange sandals on clearance and a cute little outfit that had xox printed all over it (I love x’s and o’s!) and had been stocking up on diapers at a good deal for months.  The grandmas had been excited for a new little granddaughter so I figured I’d let them fill in the gaps. 

Well, my ward family came through and  granted my wish- we said I was in need of headbands and hair bows!  I’ll let the pics show the proof that this little girl now has quite a collection.  We didn’t play games, just sit around and chit chat.  I’ve come to know and love each one of these sisters and luckily I still keep in touch with a bunch of them from my former ward since we have kiddos and freezer meal groups together.  And we got quite a nice  collection of girlie clothes, blankets, bath stuff, and toys.  I forgot about all the other stuff a baby needs besides diapers!!

Thanks so much for all the wonderful girlie items!  We’re loving them.

My 1st Bow!

Isn’t it beautiful?   I’m so excited for myself.

Last night I spontaneously went to a girls’ movie night and had such an enjoyable time.  (We claimed we were prepping ourselves for the midnight showing of Eclipse that’s coming up next month).  One of my friends was multitasking by making hairbows so she taught me how to make this one.  It was easy!!  I think I have a new addiction.  I came home at midnight and scoured through my craft room in search of polyester material, but couldn’t find any.  And I need to buy alligator clips still too!  It’s probably a good thing I don’t have the supplies to make more, but you better believe I’ll be jumping on the bow making band wagon soon!

Twilight 3 (Eclipse) is coming!

Our Twilight 3 (Eclipse)  Movie Party is set!  Movie is Tues., June 29th at 11:59pm.  I’m hoping we can get a group of 150 so invite your family, friends, and neighbors and keep me posted about your headcount!  And guys are invited too =o)

$18.25 gets you in (no lines), popcorn and drink, AND a pretzel OR hotdog, and we’re all in the same theatre!


$16.25 gets you in (no lines), popcorn and drink, and we’re all in the same theatre!

Spread the word and get money to me before Sunday, May 16th. I will turn in $ and get movie tickets/ badges/ concession tickets back to you around the 1st the June.

 I didn’t even read the book this time, just figured I’d see the movie instead.  Leave a comment if you’d like to join us and I’ll email you the pertinent info.  People from Utah are welcome to come hang with us too!  We won’t discriminate.  It’s summer time, so come to Vegas for some fun!

Day at the Museum

So my ward has weekly playgroups and then monthly field trips for moms/ dads with little kiddos who aren’t in school.  We went to the Lied Children’s Discovery Museum and seriously could have stayed until closing and still had tons to do!  My boys loved it!  I met a friend who I haven’t seen since Jr. High and of course, we pick right back up where we left off and got caught up in the short amount of time.   This was definitely one place we will return to in the summer since there’s so much to do and see and for all ages!

Once a Month Cooking Group

So my latest adventure has been joining a freezer meal group.  There are 6 gals total and we each pick 2 main dinner recipes we want to make that can freeze easily.  Sometime between now and next mtg. we each will make 6 batches of each of those 2 recipes then get together to exchange our meals.   So I will get 12 different meals when we meet next that can store in the freezer and will have minimal work required when it comes time to assemble and cook them.  Most usually require thawing overnight then baking for 30min.  

My recipes are:  Mexican Stuffed Shells (think taco meets pasta) which I found on the Once a Month Mom cooking website.  I’m also making the only vegetarian meal my family has ever tried: Lasagna Rolls (go check out the special healthy ingredient that doesn’t scare me anymore!) which I found when someone challenged me a year ago to find a vegetarian meal and then try making it.

Oh I’m excited to tackle this since I’ve made these recipes before.  My biggest concern is finding the best deal on my ingredients and not freaking out when I have a grocery bill that’s above 50 bucks since I have a ton of stuff to buy.  I’m not used to shopping too much in bulk, but may need to head to Costco or Smart and Final to get a bigger better deal. 

So, wish me luck in my new adventure.  I’ve committed to 3 months so I’m already looking to see what’s on sale (especially from the meat department) to determine what my next recipes will be.  And hey, I really like the idea of having a stocked freezer of meals for when kid #3 arrives.