Here’s Hannah!

We went in at 10am and everything went bam bam bam super quick!  We were actually allowed to go back early for surgery which really sped things up.  She was born Monday, June 7th at 11:30 something.  I didn’t even know they had taken her out, because she didn’t cry at all!  When I did finally hear her, she sounded like a cat!  Mikey sounded similar too when he came out!  She had to go to the NICU for a few hours the first day to help regulate her breathing.  At first she wasn’t breathing very deep and later she was breathing too fast.  She’s doing well now.  She was really calm yesterday and hardly fussed, but today she’s been poked in the heal, given the hearing test, been asleep but had to burp, and just not very happy.  She’s also gotten more hungry today!

We’re so excited for little Hannah, all her hair, and for Grandma taking the boys for a whole week up in St. George so we can get a grip on the new parenthood stuff.  Even though she’s #3 I feel like I’m starting all over from scratch when it comes to all this newborn stuff.  I could really use a nap and it’s only day 1!

Hannah (Banana) Jean

7lbs 3oz

19.5 inches

There’s Still Nice People

I had such a wonderful morning today, like something out of the Pay it Forward movie that I just had to share. 

We were in and out of our freezer meal swap in no time today so I headed to the bank and then to the CVS right across the street to stock up on bottled water.  There was a limit of 2 cases, but the cashier let me buy as many as I wanted.  GrocerySmarts must have a typo, because $2.22 for a case of water is the 2nd lowest price I’ve ever seen for bottled water, so I’m stocking my sis-in-law and our family up for the summer!  Despite the 8 months prego belly, I was on a mission to get me some water at a great price!

So I go to check out and this lady says she’ll help me to my car.  I know I know, beware of strangers!  And then this man says he’ll help me too!  Long story short, he wheels my cart to my car, the lady makes sure I’m okay and he loads the cases into my trunk.  I tried to tip him the only bill I had and he wouldn’t take it!  I couldn’t believe it- that people were willing to help me and that they wouldn’t take $$ for their help.  I’m still in shock and I know this little incident is pretty insignificant to most, but to me it was an incredible act of service that reminds me that there still are nice people around.  Lately I’ve had a doom and gloom we’re all on our own attitude, so this was just what I needed to get myself back in check.  And you better believe I’ll be paying it forward.  Here’s to hoping you are having a really great day too!

I’ve even done a ton of dishes and cleaned the guest bathroom today!  And so far no nap for me- I’ve got energy and a ton to do before moving/ delivery day, which ever comes first!

Happy Mother’s Day

I received a fun Mother’s Day card from my m-i-l and had to share. 

Optimist: the cup is 1/2 full

Pessimist: the cup is 1/2 empty

Mother: “Who didn’t put their cup in the dishwasher?”

Here’s to hoping you have a wonderful Mother’s Day and get spoiled just a little more than normal.  And while all the cups don’t end up in the dishwasher or get broken way before their time, just remember to make the best of the situation and know that it could be a lot worse!

We’re Moving!

There, I said it. 

Yes, we’re moving out of the ward (I know, that’s like an unpardonable sin, please forgive us and bring us boxes to help in our adventure after you recover from the shock).

No, we are not walking away from our house (Mike would find that to be unethical and unpardonable).  We will rent out our current house so if you know any families who are looking, send them our way!

Yes, we’re staying in Vegas.  We are moving closer to family back over to the west side of town.  Hey, this is free for all to see so talk to me in person if you want to know where.  And if you have a boat, then you’ll want to come visit us =o)

Um, we are, well, really pregnant ME, is hoping and praying we can move before the baby comes (June 15), because it would be so much more enjoyable to move before a C-section than after.  So here’s to hoping the new stuff in the new house can get done before Memorial Day so we can move at the end of May. 

And seriously, feel free to drop by with boxes!  I’ve already gotten 2 loads from Freecycle, but I can tell already that we will be through those in no time!  And I just don’t have the energy or motivation to get to the store as much as I used to, but I know from helping previous people move that grocery store boxes make great moving boxes! 

In other news, I’ve added some posts to my blog.  We’ve got Christmas through February now taken care of =o)

Day at the Museum

So my ward has weekly playgroups and then monthly field trips for moms/ dads with little kiddos who aren’t in school.  We went to the Lied Children’s Discovery Museum and seriously could have stayed until closing and still had tons to do!  My boys loved it!  I met a friend who I haven’t seen since Jr. High and of course, we pick right back up where we left off and got caught up in the short amount of time.   This was definitely one place we will return to in the summer since there’s so much to do and see and for all ages!

Christmas 2009

Yeah, better late than never!  We went to St. George for the holiday and had a fun time.  Mikey was so excited come Christmas Eve that it took him forever to fall asleep.  I love the excitement of little kids as they start to understand the holidays. 

We hung up a picture of some random person’s ultrasound from Google and placed in on the grand kid wall of fame!  We will have grand kid #13 for Mike’s parents which means they need to buy more picture frames, because our picture is frame-less.  They were pretty excited for the news on Christmas morning and then became concerned with our vehicle situation- my car only holds 2 car seats.  Not to worry, the truck can hold 3!

We had a fun time with cousins and family and tons of presents and excitement.  They boys set up a choo choo train to go around Grandma’s tree just like the one at our house.  Between trains and new toys, they stayed busy for quite some time!

Happy Birthday, Dear!

My hubby is an April Fool’s baby!  Apparently, as the story goes according to his siblings, his mom was cleaning the pool 29 years ago and went in to labor that night.  She gets to the hospital, gets all settled in, calls home on April 1 to tell the older siblings that they had a little brother and no one believed it for a second.  The older siblings thought it was an April Fool’s joke!  Seeing is believing so there was no denying a new sibling once he was home and part of the family!

Here’s 29 reasons why I love my hubby:

1- he’s really calm!  Much more calm and collected than me.  He can keep his cool and doesn’t get overly excited and worked up about much.  I tend to overreact!  He is a good balance for me.

2- he makes cute kids.  And they look just like him!  And they are calm, very calm!  I’m still waiting for my revenge that parents talk about… just wait til you have kids….

3- he doesn’t mind cleaning.  We don’t have assigned chores or anything, but he helps out when he sees it needs done.  His cleaning supplies of choice are: baby wipes, Kleenex, and paper towels.  I find it  hilarious, but can’t complain that he’s trying to help clean.

4- He is a computer geek and can fix all my ID10T errors on my laptop and pc.  We won’t talk about how many computers we currently have or have been through, but looks like we’re about to get another one!  I would be clueless without his expertise and would probably still be running on my Windows 95 computer nicknamed Dinosaur!  I do not have a Blackberry though while he has 2.  He hasn’t convinced me of that big techy necessity just yet!

5- He is funny.  He thinks I don’t find his humor funny, but I do.  I just don’t get the punchline the majority of the time, that’s all! 

6- He gives good massages.  We joke and say that he can go back to school to be a massage therapist, but I don’t think I could share that talent with others!

7- He honors his priesthood.  He tries so hard to be a good dad, husband, and provider and I’ve always admired his love and respect for the gospel and how it influences his decisions.  He is the one keeping us on track by reminding us to read scriptures, having family prayer, and keeping us calm and collected when we’ve been offended or are trying to justify a not so good choice.

8- He does a great job grocery shopping.  Lately, I just give him a list (and sometimes coupons) and he gets me what I need.  Usually he comes home with treats too!  Maybe that’s secretly why I like when he shops =o)

9- He isn’t afraid to take a chance.  He started his own business and has grown it to be profitable, reliable, and capable of providing for our needs.  He bought our 1st house while I was on a cruise (before we were married) and told me nothing about it.  He bought me a car while I was out of town visiting my parents.  He does asked beforehand and you would think I would take him more seriously, but I just willingly say, “Yeah, go ahead.  That sounds fine!”

10- He makes my favorite breakfast, french toast, on many occasions.

11- He always drives whenever we go somewhere and he doesn’t complain about my new back support thingy I use in the car that looks pretty uncomfortable sitting behind him.

12- He lets me park in the garage.  Someday we think we’ll have less junk to allow 2 cars to fit in the 2 car garage =o)

13-He has given up watching some of his not so appropriate tv shows so that we can have a more family oriented evening after he gets home and so that our boys aren’t picking up some not so nice language and behaviors.

14- He will totally watch cartoons with the boys on Saturdays so they can bond over Ninja Turtles.

15-  He asks frequently during the week when he gets home if I want to go out shopping while he stays home with the boys.  I usually say no, because I’m so tired, but appreciate the effort.

16- He supports my coupon craze.

17- He encourages me to go to those church firesides/ activities/ “hen mtgs” that you know would be good for you, but there’s so much you could do if you just stayed at home instead.

18- He goes to General Conference Priesthood session in flip flops, shorts, and tshirt nearly every Conference, because we go out of town and I forget to pack Sunday clothes for him.  I will NOT forget this time!

19- He is smart!  Gospel doctrine or trivia or history- he’s your guy.  And don’t get him going on politics, unless you are ready for an earful!  He does the research and shares his findings each and every election season. 

20- He gets up in the night if a kid is crying.  I think it just happened like that.  I take care of the multiple night issues for the first 15 months and he gets them for the rest of the time.  Lately there’s been a ton, but I’m glad we have a big bed that doubles as the family bed when we’re all too tired to deal with crying and we all can fall asleep until morning.

21- He likes cinnamon toothpaste.  I like mint, so we don’t share toothpaste.  

22- He is passionate about being ready for an emergency.  He’s getting us more prepared each and every day.  We have a long ways to go still, but we’ve come a long ways too!  He might like food storage group orders more than I do!

23- He wears pants even after I’ve hemmed them!  I can sew, but I’m no professional. 

24- He can assemble things and doesn’t mind reading the freaking manual.  Thankgoodness!  I don’t have the ability to read (understand) manuals.

25- He isn’t afraid of poop, vomit, or blood!   I’m so glad he’s around when the really bad incidences have occurred!

26- He doesn’t bring up that one time when I gave him a homemade recipe to help his sunburn/ shingles/ etc.  It didn’t go so well, any of the times!

27- He works really hard each and every day, but still gives us a call during the day to talk to the boys and I and see how our day is going.  Sometimes we even sneak a lunch date to visit him.

28- He is loved completely by his boys.  Ask them, “whose boy are you?” and they say, “Daddy’s boy!”  He’s the horsey, automatic tickle machine, wrestling partner, and flying machine.  Mommy- not so much!

29- He doesn’t mind sharing.  We got married the day after his birthday which I thought would be cool, but now I have different thoughts.  He saves me the last bite of anything sweet or of a dessert nature so I get to finish it off.  He lets me use his laptop when he’s in the middle of using it.  He’s always letting me drink from his cup which drives him insane, but he still does it! 

He’s just an honest, genuine, caring and considerate type of guy and I’m so glad he’s a part of my life.   We make a good team!

Josh Turns 2

My parents came down this past weekend to celebrate Josh’s and my younger brother Brian’s birthdays.  My mom loves making the boys their bday cakes which is so nice for me.  I just provide supplies. 

So Josh got a dinosaur cake, big bday hat, helium balloons, a dinosaur stool hand painted by my mom, a ride on turtle, play kitchen, fishing puzzle, foam ABC puzzle, kite, garden rake, and lots of attention from everyone this weekend.  For being the 2nd child he sure made out well in the toy dept. 

More pics coming soon!

Vicks Vapor Rub

Mikey starts soccer this month and in a desperate attempt to get us all feeling better before his first practice I bought some Vicks last night (I even had a $1.50 off coupon).  We tried that rub Vicks on your feet and sleep with socks on theory.  It said consult a doc if you’re pregnant, so I’ll do that on Friday when I go in next- ask forgiveness rather than permission I guess.

The results:  Josh slept really well and woke up snot free.  His nose  started running later in the morning and he of course smeared it all over his face.  Mikey was coughing all through the night, but said he slept well.  He wasn’t coughing when he woke up however, and he too woke up runny nose free.  As for me- I’ve used Icy Hot cream and this stuff was like that on my feet.  I hated it and really was tempted to wash it off in the middle of the night.  The smell made it through all my congestion too, but that menthol smell didn’t bother me as much as the burning feet.  The baby is still moving inside so I’m not too worried about weird side effects or anything.  I did wake up decongested and feeling full of energy, thank goodness!  There’s a ton I need to do!

I did let Mikey participate in soccer today despite his cough and he had a wonderful time.  We seem to feel much better than yesterday or our long miserable weekend, but this Vicks thing isn’t a cure.  Maybe just a means to feel some temporary relief and get a break from the yucky sick feeling.  So here’s to the new container of Vicks now taking residence in our very empty medicine cabinet.  We are very fortunate to not get sick very often.