Vicks Vapor Rub

Mikey starts soccer this month and in a desperate attempt to get us all feeling better before his first practice I bought some Vicks last night (I even had a $1.50 off coupon).  We tried that rub Vicks on your feet and sleep with socks on theory.  It said consult a doc if you’re pregnant, so I’ll do that on Friday when I go in next- ask forgiveness rather than permission I guess.

The results:  Josh slept really well and woke up snot free.  His nose  started running later in the morning and he of course smeared it all over his face.  Mikey was coughing all through the night, but said he slept well.  He wasn’t coughing when he woke up however, and he too woke up runny nose free.  As for me- I’ve used Icy Hot cream and this stuff was like that on my feet.  I hated it and really was tempted to wash it off in the middle of the night.  The smell made it through all my congestion too, but that menthol smell didn’t bother me as much as the burning feet.  The baby is still moving inside so I’m not too worried about weird side effects or anything.  I did wake up decongested and feeling full of energy, thank goodness!  There’s a ton I need to do!

I did let Mikey participate in soccer today despite his cough and he had a wonderful time.  We seem to feel much better than yesterday or our long miserable weekend, but this Vicks thing isn’t a cure.  Maybe just a means to feel some temporary relief and get a break from the yucky sick feeling.  So here’s to the new container of Vicks now taking residence in our very empty medicine cabinet.  We are very fortunate to not get sick very often.

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