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So my latest adventure has been joining a freezer meal group.  There are 6 gals total and we each pick 2 main dinner recipes we want to make that can freeze easily.  Sometime between now and next mtg. we each will make 6 batches of each of those 2 recipes then get together to exchange our meals.   So I will get 12 different meals when we meet next that can store in the freezer and will have minimal work required when it comes time to assemble and cook them.  Most usually require thawing overnight then baking for 30min.  

My recipes are:  Mexican Stuffed Shells (think taco meets pasta) which I found on the Once a Month Mom cooking website.  I’m also making the only vegetarian meal my family has ever tried: Lasagna Rolls (go check out the special healthy ingredient that doesn’t scare me anymore!) which I found when someone challenged me a year ago to find a vegetarian meal and then try making it.

Oh I’m excited to tackle this since I’ve made these recipes before.  My biggest concern is finding the best deal on my ingredients and not freaking out when I have a grocery bill that’s above 50 bucks since I have a ton of stuff to buy.  I’m not used to shopping too much in bulk, but may need to head to Costco or Smart and Final to get a bigger better deal. 

So, wish me luck in my new adventure.  I’ve committed to 3 months so I’m already looking to see what’s on sale (especially from the meat department) to determine what my next recipes will be.  And hey, I really like the idea of having a stocked freezer of meals for when kid #3 arrives.

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  1. Those Mexican stuffed shells look good. I’ll have to try them. Our ward did OAMC awhile back and it was great to have all these yummy dinners in your freezer. Good luck with your cooking day!

  2. I have some friends back in Vegas that do the freezer meal group and love it- they’ve been going strong for over a year. For me the challenge would be finding people who eat the same kinds of food we do- we don’t eat much red meat, for instance- and finding recipes I like that would translate well into freezer meals. I’m sure it could be done, but yeesh, it seems like a lot of extra work (and maybe not much of a difference financially). Keep us posted on how it goes.

    And i don’t believe that is the ONLY vegetarian dish you’ve ever made. How is that possible? You must have nights where you don’t eat meat. Don’t you make spaghetti ever? Or lasagna with just sauce and cheese? Or pancakes and eggs for dinner? Or soup and grilled cheese/salad/baked potatoes? Or pizza sans meaty toppings? It doesn’t have to have tofu or TVP or something to be vegetarian, it just has to be meatless. I bet you make more vegetarian meals than you realize. (Can you tell I’m kind of freaking out about this? I mean, do you really eat meat every day??)

  3. How awesome! The Mexican stuffed shells sounds so good. I think I will have to try that one soon. I want to get a group together and do dream dinners. Have you heard of them? I have the book so we would just need to gather the ingredients and put it together. It is all frozen meals too.

  4. We eat lots of chicken and ground beef at this house. Yeah Wendy, now that I really think about it, we occassionally do spaghetti with sauce and no meat. And a few times sandwiches and a soup. On very rare occassions we do breakfast for dinner (when the missionaries are over), but even then there’s sausage links. I need to do better at the vegetarian thing, but all in time. We’re cool with TVP though =o)
    I’ve had gift certs to those make a meal places and I do the lazy way of just having them make it and I go pick it up.
    I should go to the library and check out some books. There’s some great websites with recipes for the OAMC too!

  5. See, I knew you had a few more vegetarian meals up your sleeve! If you ever want to try out a few more, let me know. I have some great ones because we usually only eat meat a couple of times a week (it’s so much cheaper, and we just prefer to eat less meat). I’ll make a believer of you yet. 🙂

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