Life According to Mikey

We were driving tonight and the sun kept glaring in Mikey’s eyes which was making him upset.

Mikey: I want to pray to Heavenly Father that he will make the sun stop shining in Nevada.

Me: Ok, tonight at dinner with Grandma you can ask for that.

Mikey: No.  I want to pray now.  Dear Heavenly Father, PLEASE MAKE THE SUN STOP SHINING IN NEVADA! Amen.

Mikey: Mom, the sun is still shining.  He didn’t make it stop.

Me: Well sometimes what we want isn’t what Heavenly Father wants for us.  So maybe he wants you to wear sunglasses from now on when you get in the car and it’s going to be sunny outside.

Mikey: Oh, I don’t want to wear sunglasses.

(Tonight while getting ready for bed)

Mikey: I should get 4 blankets, because I’m 4 and Josh should only get 2.  You should get 28 blankets mom and daddy should have 29.  How old is Grandma N?

Me: I don’t know.  I think like 48 or 49 maybe.

Mikey: Well you should know.  She is your mommy!

2 thoughts on “Life According to Mikey

  1. last night, as I put them to bed, we said a prayer and asked that Mommy & the baby would travel home safe. After the prayer, Mikey asked me if I though if Heavenly Father or Jesus came down and went into Mommy’s tummy and buckled up the baby so she would be safe in the car.

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