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Wahoo, 2 kiddos asleep and it’s not even bedtime!  That means it’s time to catch up on the blog!  Oh my beloved blog, how I’ve missed you!

  While I was pregnant with Baby GirlI was at my in-law’s house reading one of my m-i-law’s many many books.  (Seriously, she has a library room in her house with books that overflow into other rooms).  I think I was reading Return of the Christmas Jars and I was having a very difficult time following all the character’s and everything going on with them.  I was enjoying the book, just not really trying hard to figure out who was who and what their relevance in the story was.  Then I read a page about a character named Hannah and had the strongest feeling that I should name my kid Hannah.  Seriously, like a loud voice talking to me right there on the bed in that room where I was all alone!  I remember thinking in my mind, yeah right!  Hannah isn’t what I want to name my kid.  It’s not even in my top picks.  It’s not even on the list, because I never even considered the name.

But then the voice came again and said strongly that I should name your kid Hannah.

Uhhhhhh, Hannah.  I had to think hard and I really couldn’t remember the story of Hannah- you know, was that a Bible or Book of Mormon story and what did she do and all that stuff.  So I went to the source for all things knowledgeable and of good cheer and asked the all knowing hubby to tell me the story of Hannah.

He said Hannah was an amazing person.  She told the Lord that if He would allow her to have a child then she would dedicate the child to Him to be His servant.  So Hannah was able to have a son, Samuel, who served his life serving the Lord.  Hannah knew that in the big scheme of things that she would be reunited with her son again in the life hereafter and so that reassured her in this life.  She had faith and patience. 

Well that sounded good to me so I thought to myself, if I follow this prompting and do name my kid Hannah then she better be one really good kid!   That reminded me of a conversation I had a long time ago with some gals in the pool during water aerobics.  One said that you consult the Lord through the spirit on what to name you kids you will be blessed.  She had done it and she was very pleased with her 2 sons. 

So, I followed the prompting and named my kid Hannah!  And so far I really like the name and really like having a cute little girl!

2 thoughts on “Hannah’s Name

  1. I feel the same way about names. I think I was at water aerobics when we talked about it. Before I had Afton we couldn’t decied on a name. As soon as I had her, I didn’t even see her face and I knew her name was Afton. I feel like I didn’t even choose it.

  2. Names are a big deal to us too! Epecially meaning-Zoey means “energy; life.” Esmee is French and means “beloved.” We spent a couple of days using the name and those were the ones we felt the best about. It’s funny how that happens. I enjoyed hearing about Hannah-that’s a cool story and will, I am sure, mean a lot to her as she gets older!

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