Grocery Smarts

So if you’ve come to know me (personally or through this blog) then you know I’m a big budget conscious, coupon clipping, deal seeking kind of gal!  I do it because I want to, not because I have to!

That being said, if you’ve become intrigued with my way of shopping and would like to know how I get so much and pay so little then let’s get together on Saturday, Feb. 20 at 11am.  I’m having a Grocery Smarts class at my house AND I’m serving lunch.  FREE food and FREE tips to save you some serious moolah?  Yes, because I care and I want to teach the world a few people at a time how they too can shop and save like me =o)  Consider yourself invited and bring a friend too, or your spouse!  

Leave me a comment if you’re interested or know someone who is and I’ll email you more info!

One thought on “Grocery Smarts

  1. Congrats on your little one on the way. You’ll love having a girl. They are more emotional though. Anyways, the bath thing you can get at Walmart or Babies r us. They are about $8 or $9. I love it cause it fits in your tub behind the bar that helps you stand up. I had a big tub with KK that you can only use for the first 2 months and then your baby grows out of it. My sister had one of these and I fell in love. I would highly recommend these to any parent.

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