Good December Morning!

The Morning Crew

Is it just me or does baby girl look like she’s about to stick out her tongue? 

We’ve all eaten breakfast and we’re dressed.  Some of us have done those things twice  today!  So I know Decembers are notorious for being overly busy, but I feel buried in stuff so deep that I need to do that I seriously think I’ll make pb+j sandwiches and leave out some crackers, juice boxes, and movies and let the kids fend for themselves today.  Baby finally fell asleep and I’m ready to curl up under my covers as well and take a nap. Don’t ask me what I have done today, because it’s a whole lot shorter of a list than what I should be doing.  Maybe I’ll dream of starting that do to list or even better, I’ll finish it while I’m slumbering.

My Christmas cards are done and ordered!  I’ve got that going for me so far this month.  Here’s to a good day, week, month filled with holiday cheer for all!

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