Family Pictures 2010

I found a freaking awesome coupon to Picture People here!  First let me say that I love their tradmark white background and I’ve been going to them for pictures since my senior portraits like over 10 years ago, yikes that’s a whole decade!  9 portrait sheets for only $6.  So I went in thinking we’re only getting a few poses of the family!  Well it turns out they have a train prop!  My boys LOVE trains.  Hubby insisted we let them get a pic in the train.  And of course you can’t  get the boys’ pictures without getting the little girl’s pictures as well.  Hubby asked if we could combine the all ready good in-store deal with the coupon we had and they said YES!  They never say yes, but this time they did!

And I think the thing I’m most proud of (besides hubby combining store and coupon deals) is that I pulled our colorful, whimsical, festive attire together only 2 hours before the pics from things already in the closet!  The boys came home and had exactly 20 minutes to eat dinner, change their shirts, get hairs to lay down, and get out the door!

I just absolutely love the bright vibrant colors and that it’s not traditional Christmas-y looking.  So another year down of getting family pictures taken to give out with the Christmas cards. (I got a killer deal on those too!)

The process was really great!  We go in, wait like 5 min for the photographer to get ready, have fun during our shoot, then hang out for 5 minutes for them to upload to the computers.  We then viewed all the poses on a huge computer screen and could tell the person how to edit them (move us more to the center, zoom us in more or out).  The longest part was going through the images and picking out which ones to keep and picking out which sizes to give for family members.  It only took them 10 minutes to print out the portrait sheets which is even better than 1 hour photo! 

We splurged a bit on a few pics, ended up joining the Portrait Club AGAIN, but had a really wonderful time going through the process.  So enough of the story behind it, here’s the pictures to prove it!

 note: my blog (Word Rress) crops pictures into squares so some of these normally rectangle pics have heads and people cut out, grrr!  You get the idea though!

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