Labor Day 2010

Mike actually came with us this year to visit Gramps and Grams in Utah for Labor Day.  My mom was staying with us in Vegas so we squeezed like sardenes into the truck and made it safely to my parents’ house. We took it easy for the 3 day weekend and spent lots of time outdoors.  Mike even agreed to camp outside with boys in a tent! 

The cute little tent we got for a wedding present finally got some use in the backyard.  We don’t have any sleeping bags or much else for camping equipment, but we are excited to have a tent! The boys bundled up with flannel pjs and thick blankets and of course some flashlights and experienced the real outdoors. I slept inside with the baby and the comforts of heat and toilet and all those great luxuries.  Coming inside at sunrise was a bit early for my liking, but apparently it was cold out there!

We took the family up in the mountains for a nice little bbq, hiking by the river, and roasting marshmallows.  The boys loved the simplicity of it all and couldn’t get enough of the smores!  They had never roasted marshmallows over a camp fire, so Grandpa initiated them!  It was a bit too sticky and messy for Josh, but he did his best to not get grossed out by the goo!

All in all it was a trip over all too soon for our liking, but very much enjoyed!

We’re Ba-ack

It only took hubby 6 months to get my blog off an old server and onto where ever it is now.  That’s okay though, bc the important thing is he finally got it done.  And I got a new laptop for my birthday.  Replacing my old one only took like closer to 2 years, but it’s done and we’re on our way to blogging more frequently.  Stay tuned, bc I have lots to blog about.

Hannah’s 4 Month Stats

Hannah at 4 months:

15.6 pounds

she’s rolling over, grabbing and holding anything that gets close enough.  This includes willing and eager older brothers who like to tease her and then find themselves in her tight holding grasp and have to beg mommy to make Hannah let them  go.  Her items of choice are noses, hair, and big brother’s shirts, ears, and fingers.