I Need Fog

Well, actually I need a fog machine.  Anyone have one or have connections to get me one to use next Wed evening? 

I saw the most amazing and simple fire safety lesson last weekend at a preparedness fair and want to recreate it for my ward’s preparedness activity taking place on the 22nd.

Geez it’s like old classroom days trying to gather all your materials and resources for such a simple activity.

Stop drop & roll: huge stop sign get kid’s attention and we discuss then act out what to do if they ever catch on fire.

Hand on door: during a fire you are supposed to use the back of your hand to feel if a door is hot. ( That way you burn the less used part of your hand and don’t have to worry about burned fingers later as you try to do all your regular day to day tasks with burned fingers I guess).  If the door isn’t hot then it would be safe to open and go in/ out during a fire.

Smoking room: Set up furniture around room and turn on fog machine to simulate what a room might look like during a fire.  Participants then have to crawl through the smoke to the designated exit.

Coloring books/ dress up: participants may wear fire fighting clothes, boots, hats, and color in the fire safety coloring books provided.

I’m excited!  Just need a fog machine!

*note- we got a fog machine AND fire fighter clothes to make our fire safety room a big success.  It was great!