Here’s Hannah!

We went in at 10am and everything went bam bam bam super quick!  We were actually allowed to go back early for surgery which really sped things up.  She was born Monday, June 7th at 11:30 something.  I didn’t even know they had taken her out, because she didn’t cry at all!  When I did finally hear her, she sounded like a cat!  Mikey sounded similar too when he came out!  She had to go to the NICU for a few hours the first day to help regulate her breathing.  At first she wasn’t breathing very deep and later she was breathing too fast.  She’s doing well now.  She was really calm yesterday and hardly fussed, but today she’s been poked in the heal, given the hearing test, been asleep but had to burp, and just not very happy.  She’s also gotten more hungry today!

We’re so excited for little Hannah, all her hair, and for Grandma taking the boys for a whole week up in St. George so we can get a grip on the new parenthood stuff.  Even though she’s #3 I feel like I’m starting all over from scratch when it comes to all this newborn stuff.  I could really use a nap and it’s only day 1!

Hannah (Banana) Jean

7lbs 3oz

19.5 inches

Freecycle Finds

Yesterday I got a food dehydrator still in the box, in great shape, with the manuals and today we’re picking up a gas BBQ grill.  Have I convinced you yet that Freecycle is completely awesome and worth joining?  Think Craigslist, but everything is FREE!

Previous freecycle finds: 3 bookshelves for the garage, tons and tons and tons of kids’ clothes, a train table with rolling storage drawers underneath, pots and pans, moving boxes, and a ton of other stuff we’ve been able to get rid of by passing it on to someone else. 

I’ve been Freecycling for a few years now and love it!  And it helps that hubby has a truck so we can pick up the bigger stuff, but a truck isn’t necessary.