Life According to Mikey

We were driving tonight and the sun kept glaring in Mikey’s eyes which was making him upset.

Mikey: I want to pray to Heavenly Father that he will make the sun stop shining in Nevada.

Me: Ok, tonight at dinner with Grandma you can ask for that.

Mikey: No.  I want to pray now.  Dear Heavenly Father, PLEASE MAKE THE SUN STOP SHINING IN NEVADA! Amen.

Mikey: Mom, the sun is still shining.  He didn’t make it stop.

Me: Well sometimes what we want isn’t what Heavenly Father wants for us.  So maybe he wants you to wear sunglasses from now on when you get in the car and it’s going to be sunny outside.

Mikey: Oh, I don’t want to wear sunglasses.

(Tonight while getting ready for bed)

Mikey: I should get 4 blankets, because I’m 4 and Josh should only get 2.  You should get 28 blankets mom and daddy should have 29.  How old is Grandma N?

Me: I don’t know.  I think like 48 or 49 maybe.

Mikey: Well you should know.  She is your mommy!

My 1st Bow!

Isn’t it beautiful?   I’m so excited for myself.

Last night I spontaneously went to a girls’ movie night and had such an enjoyable time.  (We claimed we were prepping ourselves for the midnight showing of Eclipse that’s coming up next month).  One of my friends was multitasking by making hairbows so she taught me how to make this one.  It was easy!!  I think I have a new addiction.  I came home at midnight and scoured through my craft room in search of polyester material, but couldn’t find any.  And I need to buy alligator clips still too!  It’s probably a good thing I don’t have the supplies to make more, but you better believe I’ll be jumping on the bow making band wagon soon!

There’s Still Nice People

I had such a wonderful morning today, like something out of the Pay it Forward movie that I just had to share. 

We were in and out of our freezer meal swap in no time today so I headed to the bank and then to the CVS right across the street to stock up on bottled water.  There was a limit of 2 cases, but the cashier let me buy as many as I wanted.  GrocerySmarts must have a typo, because $2.22 for a case of water is the 2nd lowest price I’ve ever seen for bottled water, so I’m stocking my sis-in-law and our family up for the summer!  Despite the 8 months prego belly, I was on a mission to get me some water at a great price!

So I go to check out and this lady says she’ll help me to my car.  I know I know, beware of strangers!  And then this man says he’ll help me too!  Long story short, he wheels my cart to my car, the lady makes sure I’m okay and he loads the cases into my trunk.  I tried to tip him the only bill I had and he wouldn’t take it!  I couldn’t believe it- that people were willing to help me and that they wouldn’t take $$ for their help.  I’m still in shock and I know this little incident is pretty insignificant to most, but to me it was an incredible act of service that reminds me that there still are nice people around.  Lately I’ve had a doom and gloom we’re all on our own attitude, so this was just what I needed to get myself back in check.  And you better believe I’ll be paying it forward.  Here’s to hoping you are having a really great day too!

I’ve even done a ton of dishes and cleaned the guest bathroom today!  And so far no nap for me- I’ve got energy and a ton to do before moving/ delivery day, which ever comes first!

Happy Mother’s Day

I received a fun Mother’s Day card from my m-i-l and had to share. 

Optimist: the cup is 1/2 full

Pessimist: the cup is 1/2 empty

Mother: “Who didn’t put their cup in the dishwasher?”

Here’s to hoping you have a wonderful Mother’s Day and get spoiled just a little more than normal.  And while all the cups don’t end up in the dishwasher or get broken way before their time, just remember to make the best of the situation and know that it could be a lot worse!