I Dreamed a Dream

And lately these pregnancy dreams have been quite disturbing!

2 nights ago I had a dream that the docs went in to get the baby (c-section) and couldn’t find her!  They were seriously baffled and then came to the conclusion that I passed her a few months ago through my urine.  So then I had to send a txt msg to everyone including the hopeful grandmas that there was no cute baby girl and that she was dead.  I then had to deal with a recovery with no kid to show for it!  I was baffled!

It wouldn’t have been so bad except that we were babysitting a friend’s daughter overnight while they went in the have their baby #3.  Needlesss to say that Tuesday I was way uneasy and extremely anxious to hear the news if their baby came safe.  I also was more aware of little movements in my stomach just to make sure she was for sure still in there.  This pregnancy has been a piece of cake (well, except for the swollen feet that have come on this week) and she really doesn’t kick or nudge very hard to make things uncomfortable!

Last night I had a dream that she kicked me so hard that her foot protruded out so far that it looked like a baseball bat was coming out from the side of my stomach!  Quite a difference from the previous night, but still weird.

Not sure what they mean, but it’s an interesting change from the usual pregnancy dreams that leave you thinking.  Some of my dreams seriously took me back to high school with the same friends and all the teenage drama and teachers and homework…  they were so real and vivid that I’d wake up and be a bit surprised to find myself 10 years later in a completely different setting.  Kind of funny though.

So here’s to 2 1/2 more months of dreams and swollen feet and hopefully a really big baby to show for it.  I’m surprisingly getting really excited.  I haven’t bought hardly anything and probably won’t go shopping until the week before, but hey, it’s kid 3- she has a carseat, a place to sleep, grandma has made her some blankets, and I’ve been stocking up on diapers for a while!  I think we’re good to go!

Josh Turns 2

My parents came down this past weekend to celebrate Josh’s and my younger brother Brian’s birthdays.  My mom loves making the boys their bday cakes which is so nice for me.  I just provide supplies. 

So Josh got a dinosaur cake, big bday hat, helium balloons, a dinosaur stool hand painted by my mom, a ride on turtle, play kitchen, fishing puzzle, foam ABC puzzle, kite, garden rake, and lots of attention from everyone this weekend.  For being the 2nd child he sure made out well in the toy dept. 

More pics coming soon!

OAMC month 1

So I survived my first month of cooking, freezing, and exchanging meals and I’m going at it again!

My long lost friend and her hubby (restaurant owners of  Broadway Pizzeria) took me with them to their little known secret: Restaurant Depot– where the restaurant owners go!  Think Smart and Final, but bigger and better prices.  Ground beef- $1.50 something; salsa in a #10 can- $5 something; shredded cheese- $2.00 a lb, #10 can of pears- $4 something; boneless chicken breast pieces- 88c a lb;  boneless pork loin- $1 something a lb; noodles of all shapes and sizes (except large shells) $1 a lb.  I was in heaven and found 99% of everything I needed for my recipes.  If you have a small biz then I recommend getting a free membership to this place.  It’s free, did I mention that?  They’ve processed our paperwork so we just need to go down and get our cards and then I’m good to go shopping!

Next to do was the cooking.  Got it done at night and during nap times.  The hard part was that my meals weren’t going in to a casserole dish, but rather ziplock bags.  I had to flash freeze each lasagna roll and shell and then put the in a bag.  I was fortunate enough to do all the cooking and bagging a week before the due date, thank goodness!  We all got sick the following week so I’m glad I followed that prompting to cook and get it done early.

Rather than repost all the names and meals we exchanged I’ll just post the link.  You can see the recipes we do each month, get the directions to make and freeze them, and read the reviews as we each try each other’s meals.  So go on over to Late Night Cooking Mamas and look around! 

I’ve committed for 2 more months and then I gotta take some maternity leave to have and recoup from this girl kiddo who’s on the way (dang c-section recovery!).  I think after that I might try and do a group in my own ward.  I love the idea and even more love all the food in my freezer that’s ready to go once it’s thawed out.

My recipes for next month:

Ham and cheese braid and Pork tenderloin with pears

Vicks Vapor Rub

Mikey starts soccer this month and in a desperate attempt to get us all feeling better before his first practice I bought some Vicks last night (I even had a $1.50 off coupon).  We tried that rub Vicks on your feet and sleep with socks on theory.  It said consult a doc if you’re pregnant, so I’ll do that on Friday when I go in next- ask forgiveness rather than permission I guess.

The results:  Josh slept really well and woke up snot free.  His nose  started running later in the morning and he of course smeared it all over his face.  Mikey was coughing all through the night, but said he slept well.  He wasn’t coughing when he woke up however, and he too woke up runny nose free.  As for me- I’ve used Icy Hot cream and this stuff was like that on my feet.  I hated it and really was tempted to wash it off in the middle of the night.  The smell made it through all my congestion too, but that menthol smell didn’t bother me as much as the burning feet.  The baby is still moving inside so I’m not too worried about weird side effects or anything.  I did wake up decongested and feeling full of energy, thank goodness!  There’s a ton I need to do!

I did let Mikey participate in soccer today despite his cough and he had a wonderful time.  We seem to feel much better than yesterday or our long miserable weekend, but this Vicks thing isn’t a cure.  Maybe just a means to feel some temporary relief and get a break from the yucky sick feeling.  So here’s to the new container of Vicks now taking residence in our very empty medicine cabinet.  We are very fortunate to not get sick very often.