Random Picture Generator

So I finally updated the header on my blog to include pictures of kiddo #2.  He’s almost 2 years old so I figured I better learn how to do that before kid #3 comes along and steals all the fame.  So hit f5 on the top row of the computer keyboard and enjoy some new pics.  And thanks to my geeky hubs for coming up with the idea to put a random picture generator on my blog AND for making it really easy for me to now add pictures to.  He had to go into the coding and work some magic for the pics to all be the same size.  I don’t get it all or really care how it works, I’m just thankful for smart people who share their talents with me.

Once a Month Cooking Group

So my latest adventure has been joining a freezer meal group.  There are 6 gals total and we each pick 2 main dinner recipes we want to make that can freeze easily.  Sometime between now and next mtg. we each will make 6 batches of each of those 2 recipes then get together to exchange our meals.   So I will get 12 different meals when we meet next that can store in the freezer and will have minimal work required when it comes time to assemble and cook them.  Most usually require thawing overnight then baking for 30min.  

My recipes are:  Mexican Stuffed Shells (think taco meets pasta) which I found on the Once a Month Mom cooking website.  I’m also making the only vegetarian meal my family has ever tried: Lasagna Rolls (go check out the special healthy ingredient that doesn’t scare me anymore!) which I found when someone challenged me a year ago to find a vegetarian meal and then try making it.

Oh I’m excited to tackle this since I’ve made these recipes before.  My biggest concern is finding the best deal on my ingredients and not freaking out when I have a grocery bill that’s above 50 bucks since I have a ton of stuff to buy.  I’m not used to shopping too much in bulk, but may need to head to Costco or Smart and Final to get a bigger better deal. 

So, wish me luck in my new adventure.  I’ve committed to 3 months so I’m already looking to see what’s on sale (especially from the meat department) to determine what my next recipes will be.  And hey, I really like the idea of having a stocked freezer of meals for when kid #3 arrives.

I’m a Big Girl Now

So guess what I did today?  I got a babysitter for my kids and went and got myself a massage.   And guess what?  The boys did just fine and I  feel great! 

Moral:  me time is much needed so just bite the bullet and get your kid(s) a sitter and go do something for yourself.  Seriously, a mommy who feels good is a happy mommy and happy mommies have energy to play on the ground with kiddos all day long.

What The Heck….

I have my camera out, found that cable thingy to hook from camera to computer to upload pics and I can’t find the laptop!  I’m already to get caught up on my blog and no laptop. 

No blame.  I shall not place any blame today, but sure puts a damper on this already dreary wet day.

In other news, we went to the Lied Children’s Discovery Museum with a bunch of friends from church and even a friend whom I haven’t seen since Junior High.  Such a cool place that thrifty ole me is seriously considering a season pass to the place.   Oh we had so much fun. 

Well, stomping off is disgust!

A Reminder that I Live with Boys

(On Sunday morning while getting ready for church)

Daddy: Mikey, look up at the ceiling and pretend to look at a cute girl while I put your necktie on.

Mikey: Ok

Daddy: So which cute girl were you thinking about?

Mikey: Mommy!  She’s the cutest girl I know.

Mommy: Will you please go check in my closet and bring me my bras so I can wash clothes today?

Mikey: Mommy, what’s a bra?

Mommy: Good question.  I’ll go look for them.

(later that night)

Mikey: Oh mommy, those pajama pants are just so adorable on you!  I like those colors so much.

He’s obviously picked up on my vocabulary.