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Mikey came up with a game that we just can’t get enough of around here.  We play in the car as we’re traveling around and at home.  Joshy tries to play and is starting to say a few letter sounds as a result.

Mikey: Let’s play a game.  We say words that start with the /s/ /s/ /s/ s sound.  /s/ /s/ stop.

Me: /s/ /s/ Santa

Mikey: ooh that’s a good one, Mommy.  /s//s/ snake

We play for a while and then Mikey will see or read something and want to change the letter.  It’s a fun little game that can go on for a long or short time. Here’s some of my favorites that Mikey has said:

/b/ /b/ Box Tops for Education

/n/ /n/ Nevada

/m/ /m/ mommy

/k/ /k/ Caillou (correct sound, just not starting with the letter k)

/l/ /l/ Leap and Lilly (Leapfrog characters)

This kid amazes me more and more each and every day.  Not sure what we’ll do come kindergarten time, but we still have a while.

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  1. That’s great! Sariah likes to play a similar game in the car. She calls it the animal game. We start with the letter A and say an animal that starts with that letter. Then we do B,C,D, etc. We also play this game with names of food too.

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