Sew Little Time

I’ve been attending free sewing lessons weekly since before Christmas.  The idea was to start on a rag quilt and dedicate my weekly sewing hour to finishing it.  Well along the way I’ve stumbled upon clothes in this house with missing buttons, hand me down pants for the boys that have holes in the knees and other places as well, shirts that have little rips or tears, dish towels needing mending, some camis that are too long, and hubby’s pants that are shredding at the bottom, because they’re too long and drag on the ground.  Well my mending pile has become so large that I’ve been abandoning that rag quilt for months, because fixing these clothing items have taken over! 

Well I broke out the sewing machine last night and today and repaired just about everything in my large heap.  The good news is I have learned how to successfully fix all of these minor clothing problems.  I can fix my own clothes!  That’s about as exciting as yelling “I’m debt free!” to Dave Ramsey honestly.  I think I’ve fixed 12 things and have 3 more that require some expert guidance before I attempt them. This doesn’t include the 1 or 2 items I’ve been taking to my weekly sewing lessons for the past couple of months!  My theme for year is “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!  I’m hoping the fix it pile is empty soon so I can get back to attending water aerobics (sewing and water aerobics are scheduled during the same time.)  Anyone up for free water aerobics on Tues and Thurs evenings?

2 thoughts on “Sew Little Time

  1. Amanda,
    That is great. I wish I could yell, “I can fix my own clothes, too!” Free sewing class and water aerobics – what a city!

  2. That is great. Sewing lessons has been on my “to do” list for a few years now. I am going to have to take the plunge sometime. Nice job.

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