National Delurking Week

So if you’re reading this blog post please stop lurking and post a comment for me.  I need some love, really!  Today’s my birthday and I’m having a hard time with this getting older thing.  A 10 year reunion is fast approaching, I’m finding gray hairs all the time, and the only thing left for my kid to learn is to tie his own shoes then go on a date and get married!  So share some love and I promise I will share some back =o)  Thank you!

8 thoughts on “National Delurking Week

  1. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, dear Amanda! Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

    Don’t worry about getting older, at least until you are 70! Believe it or not, your kid will need you a lot more than you think at this age and every age. Hope all is well!

    ~Jimmy, Adrie and Jake

  2. Hey Girl! Happy Birthday!!! As someone older than you let me tell you-no worries!! Age is a state of mind!! I hope you have a fabulous bday and you get to do some fun stuff!!

    Heather Jem

  3. Happy Birthday! Don’t worry, Mikey still needs to learn to drive a car, shave, write in cursive, and much more. Your job is never going to be done! And, if it makes you feel any better, it’s time for my 15 year reunion. I was giving birth on the night of my ten year 🙂

  4. LOL! I am going to post a National Delurking Week post on my blog too because I feel rather unloved myself. No worries. Your hubby and the kiddos will love you no matter how many gray hairs you have, right? 🙂 Now if we could get our darn kids to stop growing up!!

  5. Happy late Birthday! I hate the down days and sorry you had to have one on your birthday. I hope you are feeling better and don’t worry about the getting old thing we are all right behind you. I just had my birthday and my hubbie said WOW I can’t believe you are that old. I was thinking thanks a lot!

  6. hey, sorry about the feeling old thing…that happens WAY too fast! But think of it this way, you’re still a newborn to God =) I hope you had a great birthday! I understand about the delurking thing, i’m wondering if i should totally just go private and use it solely as a journal cause nobody ever comments. I thought I couldn’t comment on yours is the only reason i haven’t before. Hope everythings better!

  7. hey girl! happy birthday 2 weeks late!! 🙂 i’m sooo behind on my blog lurking that i didn’t get the notice to “delurk” until just now 🙂 hope it was a FUN one!! and…there’s lots more to do…with all your kids that are still a twinkle in mike’s eye 🙂

  8. Aagh! I really did start to comment once before so I’m really not THIS late to wish you a belated birthday. I hope your feeling old didn’t last too long because you’ve still got a LONG ways to go and Mikey will definitely be needing a whole lot more teaching and loving not to mention all of us uncouponers who still want to learn the trade. Your wealth of wisdom for us old-timers still amazes me. I’ve checked out some of your links but then get overwhelmed and forget all about the subject. Keep posting and keeping the excitement going.

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