My Angel Has Sinned

Well Mikey has finally done something we never thought we’d have to deal with in this house, at least not him.  He’s our well-behaved, follows all the rules, tells us when someone else isn’t following the rules, smart, little boy who last week before Christmas got curious.   We didn’t find it until today!

When all was said and done he managed to highlight the back of our doors in 2 rooms with yellow, blue, green, orange and pink highlighters.  He then got on a chair and continued to highlight on the doors and walls from a higher location.  And that wasn’t enough!  Then he used a whole roll of tape to decorate the doors and walls in these two rooms until the spool ran out.

The funny thing is last week (I think Christmas Eve) I heard him playing with the tape and thought nothing of it.  He usually hangs his pictures and presents for Daddy on his office door.  And I was going to walk into my office and he says, ” Oh no mommy, don’t go in there!  It’s a huge mess and we’ll need to clean it up!”  I peek in and all I saw was my wrapping paper mess from the night before.  Little did I know.

So of course we’ve talked to him and worked together with him to clean up what will come off the walls and doors.  We can’t get too upset, because I don’t think we’ve ever told him before now that we only color on paper.  Lesson learned!  And a lesson in parenting as well!  Make the punishment fit the crime and maybe we shouldn’t have waited until Christmas to give him coloring books, easel refill paper, and art pads!

3 thoughts on “My Angel Has Sinned

  1. I know the feeling. Alyssa got a hold of a pen a few months ago and wrote all over the bead board by her bed. I tried just about everything to get it off and no luck (from hairspray to Magic Eraser). I finally decided that the only way we would get rid of it was for Eric to repaint the bead board in the girls’ room and then about a month ago I remembered when she took a red marker she found outside to our white gate, Eric’s car, the house and that I got it all off with Clorox Clean-up, so on my next trip to the store I picked some up and to my amazement it worked. I too had never really had a problem with Alyssa coloring on anything but paper. I now keep all pen and markers put away except for when they are using them to color.

  2. Clorox cleanup? I’ll have to try that. Just last week, Calvin had a sharpie marker that he trailed throughout the house. No big splotches in one spot, just a line here and a line there being trailed throughout the entire house. Everyone was watching Glen play video games while I was taking a rest in my bedroom. I got up when he came into my room with the marker in hand and marks on his neck and cheek. I followed him out the door to see a few long lines on the wall. Then more and more around the house as I went along. The worst was seeing it on the carpet of every step headed down to the basement. Then I see that it’s even on the carpet and puzzles near where the rest of the family is spending their time glued to the television. I was livid. Amazingly, the magic eraser even got it out of the carpet. Poor little guy felt really bad but yes, lesson learned.

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