Apparently Mikey has never seen a girl’s swimsuit, because as I tore opened the box and was holding mine up (I ordered it online. YES, stupid I know, but it was a REALLY great deal!) Mikey gave me the weirdest look and said, “Mom, that swimsuit isn’t as big as you are.  It’s kind of small and it doesn’t cover you like your shirt does.  And those holes are for… your… legs???” 

I busted up laughing and then preceeded to show him guy and girl swimsuit models in the JC Penney’s ad so he could understand the whole swimsuit look.  All this at the tender age of 3! 

So it’s time to open a new bottle of gummy vitamins and guess who couldn’t get the silly “child proof” lid off the bottle?  I tried and tried and finally handed to Mikey and told him to take it to Mike to open.  Mikey said, “Let me do it” and seriously after a few twists and turns he got the lid off with hardly any trouble at all!  I couldn’t believe it!  Maybe he could balance the checkbook next!

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