I Heart TVP

So I was making a chicken with veggie and stuffing covering the top casserole for dinner last night and the chicken was showing no signs of thawing out!  (Yeah, I pulled cooked frozen chicken out of the freezer 10 minutes before starting on dinner!) My solution= ditch the chicken and throw in some TVP sausage from a can that’s in my food storage!!

Results= totally delicious and flavorful!  I will be making this again. And the spices are such a nice treat since I only use salt and pepper pretty much.  So daring, I know!

So I’m totally thinking this would be a great casserole for that sister in the ward who just had a baby!!!  I loved this dish and I think the rest of my ward would too!  I just can’t figure out why I never get called to take in a meal!?!  And I think Dream Dinners should start using TVP meats in their casserole dishes too! A lot more of us would try this dinner service if the price was cheaper.  The more cheaper chicken is called TVP people.

Read more about TVP meat here.  It’s pretty easy reading and just may change your mind about it.  I am half tempted to ditch meat altogether and go TVP all the way baby.

I’ve TVPed the sisters at Enrichment and put the sausage bits in a nacho dip and they loved it.  I’ve TVPed the missionaries and some friends who came over for breakfast for dinner.  Those scrambled eggs had TVP sausage bits in them my friends =o)  And now I’ve TVPed my family members who had no complaints about my casserole.

Who’s next?  Oh, maybe 2 wards at our Emergency Preparedness Fair next month (mwah ha ha ha)!

6 thoughts on “I Heart TVP

  1. I know you guys are all into food storage. DJ and I are doing quite well with ours. One of our favorites is food from the ready project. It looks expensive but really is not a bad price. It lasts for like 20 years and tastes really really good. Check it out.

  2. Well I’m sold. I’d never even heard of it but Glen and I are gung ho about trying it out. Thanks for sharing. Now I just need to find some great recipes that will help me lose the baby weight and be working on my emergency preparedness at the same time. Where do I start?

  3. Great info on TVP! Thanks! I just found your question about beans, and I put a response on my blog. Thanks for your comment, and I’m flattered that you put a link on your website. You’re awesome. If you have more questions, feel free to comment again. Now that the holidays are over, and my house is clean, I’ll be checking my blog more often, and I’m adding more recipes each week.

  4. Ok, I read up on it, and it doesn’t sound all bad. I think I’ll give it a try. I’m curious though, if you all had any gas issues with it, as the article you linked to said might happen. I think you’ll have to share with me your TVP recipies.

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