I am burning the very last CD right now!  Thank you to everyone who helped burn a set of 25 or so.  Sure helps to divide and conquer when it comes to big #s like 300!  And by the way, we only have 2 CD burners working at the moment.  1 is gone 15 hours a day with hubby, so little ole me was left with 1 burner, but I can now add CD burning to my list of accomplishments!  Hip hip hooray!  CD burning is done today!  Just got to pick up CDs from 3 people and we will be all set for the Emergency Preparedness Fair on Saturday!  Thanks once again everyone for your help!

2 thoughts on “Hallelujah!

  1. Good luck this weekend. Is Sis. Hinckley going to be there with her bread demonstration? If so will you find out what kind of mixer she uses? I keep thinking a Bosch, but not sure. Needing a good recommendation here. Thanks.

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