From WAGS to Riches

Remember that awesome Alby’s sale where you buy 10 items and a voucher for $10 off your next purchase pops out?  Well that’s similar to what’s going on at Walgreen’s and so I’m finally getting the courage to tackle shopping at Walgreens and really use their sales and coupons to my advantage.

Walgreen's Deals

Walgreen's Deals

Case and point- I bought all this stuff for $36.61.  There’s 6 packs of diapers there!!  Count them up, yes, 6 Pull Ups packs.  Any mom knows that is a great deal all by itself. 

A Closer Look

A Closer Look

The deal this week is buy $25 dollars (before coupons) of Huggies products and get a $10 voucher off your next purchase.  You can save the voucher for later or you can use it to buy your items in transaction #2.  You could by more diapers with the voucher, but another one will NOT pop out if you use a voucher.  At Walgreen’s you can not roll vouchers.

Make it work for you- go get $10 worth of items (after scanning coupons)that are super cheap or on sale and end up getting them free with your voucher.

If you have 2 of the same b1g1 free coupons then you get both items for free at Walgreens.  This is how I did really well.  Got Air fresheners, toothpaste, candy bars, toothbrushes, and some other things for free, because of these types of coupons.

and Over Here

and Over Here

Also, you can use a regular coupon and a Walgreens coupon for the same item.  I got  $8 free air fresheners, because I had a $4 off regular coupon and a $4 off Walgreens coupon that made my item free!

So you do have to plan things out.  I have everything rung up first.  I hand over manufacturer coupons, internet coupons, and then Walgreens coupons last.  If I have a voucher (also called a catalina) then I hand that over very last.

So 3 transactions today, spent $36.51, saved $125.57 (the value of all my coupons I handed over), and I got 30 something items.  I don’t need everything I purchased, but free is great and items go well in care packages or little gifts for people.

I’m totally going again, because I found more air freshener coupons and shampoo coupons I forgot to use so maybe I’ll see you there if this post inspired you to try shopping at Walgreens.

Anyone NOT going to use the $5 off and $3 off Huggies coupons from  I’ll come and get them since I already reached my limit on my computer =)

3 thoughts on “From WAGS to Riches

  1. Ok, let me get this straight…
    If you have 2 buy 1 get 1 coupons, they allow that to count towards one item and you get it free??

    Awesome job! I need you to come shopping with me.

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