A new RS presidency was called today.  I’m NOT in it!  So, now that I have all this spare time I think I’ll get a hobby.   Does Facebook count??  Well congrats and good luck President Curtis!  

As for my next calling- I have no clue!  The VT coordinator is now vacant, the RS secretary is vacant, a counselor in Primary is coming up soon, oh and about a million and one primary worker callings need filled!  There’s a few over with boy scouts.  We have no Activities Committee chair people  since they moved.  So, only time will tell, but I’m not complaining, because I have free time!! So, uh, we can be friends now… I’m not off limits anymore!

3 thoughts on “Freedom!

  1. FREEDOOOOM!! Just kidding. I’m actually very sad. I was finally getting the hang of things. I’m very excited about the new Presidency though. They will be amazing! Where wil we go next? What shall we do in the mean time? Will you be my friend and teach me your ways?
    I love you, Amanda!

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