Car Trauma

I went in for an oil change and 3 hours later left with 2 tired boys and a rental car!! 

The brake light won’t turn off when you release the emergency brake so they were tinkering and thought it would be a quick fix.  All I can say is thank goodness we ate right before we went in, I’m getting smarter at keeping diapers and wipes in my purse, and the stroller has a permanent home in the trunk of the car.  We wouldn’t have survived without all of those today.

We did have some fun lessons about car dealerships and compared/ contrasted everything we saw in the Toyota service station to the movie CARS.  No white wheels at Luigi’s or Lamborghini cars though =o)

3 thoughts on “Car Trauma

  1. uh oh. I also drive a Toyota and I’m having the exact same problem with my brake light. It won’t turn off, even though the emergency brake is off!!! What’s going on?!?

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