Blow Out!

Not the car, the kiddo!  He hasn’t had a smelly sticky goopy yellow mess leaking out the diaper leg holes, up the back, and staining his little boy blue outfit since his 1st month of life.  What’s going on I wonder?  He seriously has had so few blow outs that I could count them on one hand!

1 thought on “Blow Out!

  1. Genevie was master of blow outs! You need to get Zout – it’s cheapy cheap at Wal-Mart and takes the poop stains out of clothes. It’s the only thing I found that works. I remember one morning Genevie was particularly poopy and had 2 up the back poops. I had her clothing sitting on top of the washing machine, soaking up the Zout and Adam saw them and then walked out looking really concerned and said, “Is Genevie OK?” I just chuckled and said yes, she’s just messy. I’m glad that’s over with!
    If you’ve gone that long without one, count your blessings!

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