My Angel Has Sinned

Well Mikey has finally done something we never thought we’d have to deal with in this house, at least not him.  He’s our well-behaved, follows all the rules, tells us when someone else isn’t following the rules, smart, little boy who last week before Christmas got curious.   We didn’t find it until today!

When all was said and done he managed to highlight the back of our doors in 2 rooms with yellow, blue, green, orange and pink highlighters.  He then got on a chair and continued to highlight on the doors and walls from a higher location.  And that wasn’t enough!  Then he used a whole roll of tape to decorate the doors and walls in these two rooms until the spool ran out.

The funny thing is last week (I think Christmas Eve) I heard him playing with the tape and thought nothing of it.  He usually hangs his pictures and presents for Daddy on his office door.  And I was going to walk into my office and he says, ” Oh no mommy, don’t go in there!  It’s a huge mess and we’ll need to clean it up!”  I peek in and all I saw was my wrapping paper mess from the night before.  Little did I know.

So of course we’ve talked to him and worked together with him to clean up what will come off the walls and doors.  We can’t get too upset, because I don’t think we’ve ever told him before now that we only color on paper.  Lesson learned!  And a lesson in parenting as well!  Make the punishment fit the crime and maybe we shouldn’t have waited until Christmas to give him coloring books, easel refill paper, and art pads!

Merry Christmas!

Grandma’s been begging for pictures of the boys in their new Christmas outfits.  So here’s for Grandma!

Joshy Speaks


Last night I realized that Josh is slowly learning more words and that I better record them before I forget.  It’s so funny what he says and I know it’s a matter of time before he masters the real words.  And isn’t that a great picture of Josh up there, minus the forehead battle wound?  Love it!

Mo Mo or Amo = Elmo

Tommy= Thomas the Train

Oopyman= Superman

My My= Mikey

Ite= Light

Mil= Milk

Coooookee= Cookie

chee= Cheese

Naa= Snack

Dah Dah= Ta dah

Niy Niy= Night night

He also can say correctly: more, mommy, daddy, no, go, baby, Maddie (his friend), car, and a few others I’m sure I’m forgetting.

Word Games


Mikey came up with a game that we just can’t get enough of around here.  We play in the car as we’re traveling around and at home.  Joshy tries to play and is starting to say a few letter sounds as a result.

Mikey: Let’s play a game.  We say words that start with the /s/ /s/ /s/ s sound.  /s/ /s/ stop.

Me: /s/ /s/ Santa

Mikey: ooh that’s a good one, Mommy.  /s//s/ snake

We play for a while and then Mikey will see or read something and want to change the letter.  It’s a fun little game that can go on for a long or short time. Here’s some of my favorites that Mikey has said:

/b/ /b/ Box Tops for Education

/n/ /n/ Nevada

/m/ /m/ mommy

/k/ /k/ Caillou (correct sound, just not starting with the letter k)

/l/ /l/ Leap and Lilly (Leapfrog characters)

This kid amazes me more and more each and every day.  Not sure what we’ll do come kindergarten time, but we still have a while.

Christmas at Town Square

Today we went to free story time at Town Square where we danced around with Frosty the Snowman while playing with bubbles and eating sugar cookies and candy canes.  Frosty’s assistant even made balloon animals to give to the kids.  I was really impressed.  We even waited in line to sit on Santa’s lap.  That didn’t go too bad, but Mikey froze and completely was speechless when it came time to tell Santa what he wanted.  Poor Santa had to guess a bunch of times while Mikey nodded and shook his head in attempts to get Santa to say “Geo Trax”.  We’ll hopefully make another stop before Christmas to visit the jolly man and get our wish list vocalized.

Later at home Mikey made quite the profound statement about his observations today.

Mikey: I think Frosty lives in the bathroom.

Me: What?  Why do you think that?

Mikey: Because Frosty went into the bathroom after story time so I think that’s his home.

Me: Maybe Frosty needed to go potty.

Mikey: No, Frosty didn’t have any private parts.  I don’t think snowmen have any private parts, mom!

Me: (trying to hold laughter in) Oh, okay!

Holy December Batman!


Uh, is anyone else wondering where the year went and how December arrived so suddenly?  I remember our Halloween in California and then  just Sunday we arrived home from Utah to resume life after our Thanksgiving feasting.  I’m in awe!  It’s December!

Well we have successfully taken down Halloween decorations and the tree is up. We only put the tree up so the Christmas Train has something to go around.  Turning on the train is seriously a nightly December ritual and might be the only thing our boys enjoy about the whole holiday season. 

And Mikey did a very nice job hanging the ornaments on the tree today.  While the top 1/2 is a bit bare, I’m sure  when Josh wakes up from his nap to discover the hanging goodness and he will force us to move everything up a few feet and leave the bottom 1/2 bare. 

And to all those Christmas card sending maniacs who mail before the calendar even reads December, know that I have received my FREE photo cards with envelopes and shall be making a much earlier trip to the Post Office compared to last year (I sent them out during January with a “better late than never” attitude).  I’m still debating on my Christmas song parody to write out for our family Christmas letter.  Can’t rush perfection, or lack of any ideas =o)

I’m really excited for Christmas this year.  Maybe because I did really well in August to toy shop at KMart when toys were 75% off and I used coupons =o) or because I’m determined  to finish up some unfinished Christmas craft projects.  Really, I’m going to finish them!  My kiddos are old enough to open presents and get excited for them, which I think is the best part of being a parent during the holidays.  Oh, and sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows is delightful too!  There’s just so much good holiday cheer and excitement this year.  Anyone else super excited?