I HAVE TO SHARE THIS BLOG!!!  http://1plus1plus1equals1.blogspot.com/

To anyone who has little kids or teaches little kids, you have to check this out!  This amazing mom has the best homemade ideas for teaching children, well, anything!  So much stuff, so little time.  Talk about great ideas to keep your kids quiet during church, or stuff to go along with the little book you are reading at home, or stuff for home schooling if you go that route.   It’s so simple and yet so cool!  My 3 year old is going to love me!!!  There’s printables, beanbags,   arts and crafts, oh just go check out the site already!

There is an alphabetical list of activities at the very bottom of this page that go along with the projects from the 1+1+1=1 blog: http://lapbooksbycarisa.homestead.com/TotSchool.html

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  1. I always find such fun stuff on your blog. Just when I think I have things figured out, I find something else that looks more fun. Grrr!=) Just kidding. I’ve started doing more research with lapbooking so I’m really excited about looking more into this blog. Thanks so much for sharing. Do you have a new pres yet? (or do I need to read down further?)

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