Going Private

Team Edward-Bella-Jacob


Ha ha not my blog just yet, just the NEW MOON premiere last night!  I’m talking 81 people in a private theatre all to ourselves with our potluck, soda and drinks and NO screaming little teenagers to ruin our fun.  

The process started months ago to get a large enough crowd to rent out a theatre at the Rave at Town Square, but since it’s New Moon we’re talking about, the group was actually split between 2 theatres since we were so big. 

The movie- loved it!  The company was fabulous and we weren’t even sardines in the theatre like I thought we would be.  I am slowly becoming more of a Team Jacob fan than Edward, wow! 

We had so much fun kicking out the non private party goers and just being in such great company.  We had soccer moms and UMC nurses with a mix of Mike’s hs friends and all my church gals there to celebrate and party with at 11pm and then the movie started right on time at midnight. 

Just a note that #3 is coming out next July so start planning now to get your group of gals together and come join our private party next year.  I think we’ll top 100 people next time which is very exciting to me.  Food storage and event planning- all part of my resume of fun times!

Halloween 2009

This year we took a road trip to California for Halloween.  Mike’s work needed him to work on a server in LA at their corp office so we made it a family vacation that we just might turn into a yearly tradition.

Mike’s driving record hasn’t been too hot this year and his company offered to fix the dinks and dents in his truck at their autobody shop while he was in LA.  We got a crossover for a rental that we are still driving and we love it!  I don’t think we’re missing the truck too much, really.

I have an aunt in California who lives really close to the amusement parks so we stayed with her.  We were only 10 minutes from Knottsberry Farm and decided the day of Halloween to go there for the day.  Loved it! 

Knottsberry Farm has a kid friendly part of the park called Camp Snoopy which was changed to Camp Spooky for the Halloween season.  We received candy bags and were given maps to track down the candy treasure locations throughout Camp Spooky.  Mikey loved the kid sized rides and recieving candy throughout the park.  He rode an airplane, Snoopy’s skateboard, mini semi trucks with real horns to honk, the Snoopy and the Gang school bus, played with bubbles in the fun house, cried during his first roller coaster ride, rode the real train around the entire place and saw train robbers, rode the kiddie trains I think 10 times with Josh, but claimed that the jump house was his favorite.  We also saw the characters in a little musical skit.

 The best part, besides great weather, Josh falling asleep in the stroller, and a delicious Mexican lunch, was that the place was hardly busy.  Enough people to make it look busy, but still few enough that there was no waiting in lines.  So nice! 

When we left at closing we were lucky enough to find Snoopy by the entrance who Mikey recognized and ran to so he could give Snoopy a big hug.  Mikey said he knew it was Snoopy because he looks just like our Snoopy cookie jar we have at home.  We also lucked out and found Tshirts from the gift shop on sale 2 for $5.  I guess even amusement parks have screaming deals if you’re willing to look.

The whole park was decorated for Halloween and at 7pm every night the theme park is transformed into a spooky haunted theme park for the bigger teenage kids.  As we were leaving, the line to enter at 7pm was wrapped around the corners and cars were lined up down the street trying to turn in to park.  It was crazy rediculous!

The boys actually fell asleep on the short drive home so they completely missed trick or treating.  The night before we got them dressed up to attend a ward’s Truck or Treat only to arrive as it was way done and over with.  We took the boys in costumes to McDonald’s and got ice cream cones and the only pictures of them in their costumes.  Mikey insisted on being a missionary like his cousin Ammon right now and Joshy was Winnie the Pooh dressed as a honeybee since Josh really doesn’t have much say in the matter right now!

September Events

We went to my parents house after Labor Day to celebrate their town’s Peach Days- a week long celebration with small town festivities.  The ironic thing is that the town doesn’t even have peach orchards any more.  Regardless, the boys had so much fun participating in all the events. 

Monday: Strut Your Mutt Pet Parade

Tuesday: Talent Show

Wednesday: we went to visit family in Provo

Thursday: I don’t remember. 

Friday: Dinner and variety show at Mayor’s Park

Saturday: Town Parade, lunch and festivities and City Park, Soap Box Derby,  Horse Races, and Demolition Derby.

We also had picnics in the mountains, towed my mom’s Explorer to safety since she nearly drove it over a ledge into a mudddy stream, got lots of rain, and visited with lots of neighbors and family.  We did some sewing projects, visited lots of neighbors’ gardens to get some produce, and made lots of homemade goodies.  All in all it was a really fun time and a nice break from Vegas.

Joshy’s Growing Bigger

My brother is getting married Saturday so I’m slowly unloading the camera to the computer 1 month at a time.  Here’s some cute pictures of Josh.  He’s now 20 months old, a few days shy of 21 months and is quite the little demon child.  He’s either really happy or really upset, unfortunately it tends to be the latter of the 2 more often than not.  It reminds me of when he came out shrieking at the top of his lungs and I thought I had just given birth to the spawn of the devil.  I guess I should try and remember the happy times, but since they are few and far between I find it easier not to.  So here’s some happy pics of happy times. 

Josh wants to do anything and everything Mikey does.  They can play with Geo Trax for hours at a time.  Josh has even mastered hooking the trains together and building the tracks. 

He prefers to drink from a regular cup at meal time and snack time rather than a sippy- yay!

He signs “more” on Sundays when the YM are passing the sacrament and walking down the aisles.  One day when I’m not paying attention I know he’s going to wander off to see if one of them will give him some more bread.

Has a mouthful of teeth, but still a gap on the bottom row for 2 more to come in.

Shrieks at the top of his lungs if something isn’t meeting his expectations or if you took something he wanted.

Has taken a liking to sleeping in our bed.  Last night he cried for an hour in his crib, didn’t want a milk sippy or mommy and daddy hugs.  We put him down on the floor and he walked into our room, turned a laundry basket over to use as a stool, climbed up under the covers and decided to fall asleep on our bed.  Great!!

He loves to press buttons, turn knobs, and get his fingers on everything.  He really likes pressing the button to close the garage door, playing with cell phones, and turning off and on light switches.

Josh is a great helper.  Anything that Josh and Mikey both get Josh loves to have in his hands and then give it to Mikey.  Every night we give loaded toothbrushes to Josh and he then goes and gives one to Mikey.  Josh loves to retreive the laundry baskets and then helps to unload and load the washer and dryer.  He’s also learning how to unload the dishwasher.  I do love this stage where kids love to help with chores.

He insists on sitting on the potty every night before bathtime  and wiping and flushing.  No real action, but he’s excited to try.  Totally think he’ll be trained before Mikey was.  I can rejoice about that.

Loves to go bye-bye and crawls into his stroller if he thinks we should go for a walk.

Loves to play the piano just like his big brother, of course!

Has a fond affection for any stuffed animal, big or key-chain sized small.  He grabs them and kisses them and hugs them while turning side to side.  It’s quite funny to watch.

Gives you a look that can kill- you don’t mess with him when you get that look

Can audibly say: mummy, daddy, ball, cookie, milk,  juice.  He gets what he wants (usually), but has been referred for speech therapy.  Haven’t heard from them yet, but it will be nice when he can communicate with us so we know what he wants.  He’s very selective and random with his sign language too!  Such a unique little kid.

Day Off

Thank a Vet

Thank a Vet

My kiddos actually slept in until 10am, which was really nice.  We missed the parade downtown, but according to Mike we really only missed a dispute between and Dina Titus supporter and non supporter who were yelling at each other from across the street.  And the Gold Spike Hotel & Casino has a great Prime Rib special for like $4.99.  Can’t beat cheap Vegas food deals. 

So thanks to all those who serve our country each and everyday to protect our freedoms.  And thanks to their awesome families who are so supportive and sacrifice as well.  A shout out to all those Nellis Manor service men and women who I’ve come to know and love.  We support you!