Mikey’s Taylor Swift/ Word Girl Connection

Word Up it's Word Girl

Word Up it's Word Girl

I think this is a cute little text to world connection.  We were driving around today in the truck and the ever-so-catchy Taylor Swift “You Belong to Me” song was playing. 

Mikey:  I like this song.  It says that word that they say on Word Girl all the time.

Me : What word is that?

Mikey: something I couldn’t figure out that sounds like: butchert

Me: Blood shirt?

Mikey: No, butchert

Later at home Mikey tells me it’s not a word they say, but a person.  So we go to the PBS kids website, search for Word Girl, scroll through the villians, and he identifies the butcher from the pictures shown. 

Mikey: on the song it goes when you wake up and find the butchert

Me: Let’s go listen to the song, because I’m still confused (goes and pulls up Taylor Swift lyrics website and listens to song with Mikey)

Here’s the real lyrics of the chorus:

But she wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts
She’s Cheer Captain and I’m on the bleachers
Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find
That what you’re looking for has been here the whole time

Apparently the part about “wake and find that what you’re looking for” sounds like “wake and a find the butcher” to little Mikey.   Thought it was pretty funny and I’ll probably sing along in the truck to Taylor Swift while thinking about Word Girl from now on.  Oh that song is so catchy.  Sorry if you now have Taylor Swift stuck in your head.

Pencil Bouquets


So I’m coloring little family member finger puppets for my nursery class lesson and Mikey decides we should sharpen all the colored pencils.  Great idea, except I don’t think Joshy is quite ready for pencil sharpening.  Loading the washer and dryer, yes.  Pushing pencils in the electric sharpener, no!  Mikey on his own came up with the plan to let Josh watch the sharpening take place on a chair, then hand Josh a handful of pencils to go take to Mommy.  Joshy happily brings the little handful bouquets to me and grins while toddling back to get more. 

It totally took me back to classroom teaching days.  Every kid wanted a classroom job, especially class leader.  There were those students who were the best little cleaners and pencil sharpeners.  And I loved when the responsible kids were the ones who were the leaders, because they would remember those important duties like taking the lunch count and attendance folder to the right place all on their own, no reminders needed. 

So here’s to learning and growing and teaching each other one little lesson at time.  May my kids learn important skills to help them cooperate and interact appropriately at home and school and play.

Thank You Columbus!

So I’m still going to free sewing classes every Thursday and our next project is to make a tiered/ layered skirt.  Upon further googling I think they are also called gypsy skirts and they are “sew” easy to make.  You can do lots of layers.  I currently have one similar to this, but in brown.  It’s so comfortable!

Well I headed to Joann’s fabric store in hopes of finding the perfect fabrics to coordinate and do a multicolored skirt.  We (the boys and I) searched high and low and through every row twice.  I finally found my match in the red tag remnant bins and got brown and red dotted material with shiny silver stripes going through it.  They were 50% off the already reduced price!  Just what I was hoping to find- treasure in the leftovers!  I spent less than 5 bucks on my elastic and material and I’m so stinking excited, because I think I can make 2 skirts!  So thank you Columbus for discovering America and for having such a great day for sales!

Oh Croup, No Soup!

So my kids have croup.  Think really bad colds with coughs that sound like barking seals and so congested that you can hear their little selves weazing with every in and out breath they take.  The amazing thing is that 2 days ago these boys slept the whole day.  Talk about giving a mother anxiety.  What the heck was I suppposed to do all day with my kids sound a sleep in their room? 

Well last night I thought tomato soup with rice would be just the right thing for these guys.  Mikey walked up stairs before dinner was even started and went to bed for the night.  Josh, used his spoon to fling food everywhere and didn’t even have a bite.  Mike was working late, got about 4 min from home, and then got called back to work.  So I enjoyed soup by myself.  Rice in soup- not too bad!  I really liked it.

Not sure if these guys are getting any better and I’m sure I’ll be pulling the weight in nursery this Sunday since someone will have to stay home with sick kids, and I doubt it will be me.  Oh well, a break from sick kids is always welcomed.

On the bright side, these boys have proven that you’re never too old for Mommy hugs and have requested more hugs and to be held in the past 3 days then I can remember.  They’re so sweet and I love that they find me irresistable and are comfortable enough to wipe their noses on my shirt.  Well, I could do without the snotty nose stains, but I know it comes with the territory.  And I get to sit in my favorite piece of furniture, the glider recliner, and rock rock away with the thought of doing chores pushed off for another day.  Sick isn’t so bad really.

Here’s to hoping this counts as our winter sickness and that we can make it through the New Year with no more illness.  And thank goodness it isn’t H1N1!