I Love Daddy Cox

Saw this on another blog and loved it!  I asked Mikey these questions and recorded his answers.  It’s a bit late for Father’s Day, but still cute!

Mikey (Age 3 1/2) said:
1. What is something your dad always says to you?  Go potty

2. What makes your dad happy?  Hugging and when I go pee pee and poo poo in the potty

3. What makes your dad sad? When I go pee pee and poo poo in my big boy underwear and my Pull Up.
4. How does your dad make you laugh? He tickles me

5. What was your dad like as a child? I don’t know.  I think he did mean stuff

6. How old is your dad? I don’t know.  13?

7. How tall is your dad? larga (spanish for long)

8. What is his favorite thing to do? Play with me.

9. What does your dad do when you’re not around? Working

10. If your dad becomes famous, what will it be for? I don’t know

11. What is your dad really good at? Washing my hair when I look up.

12. What is your dad not very good at?  Washing my hair when I’m looking down.

13. What does your dad do for his job? Fixing compooders and laptops

14. What is your dad’s favorite food? Chicken over pasta

15. What makes you proud of your dad? Playing with me

16. If your dad were a cartoon character, who would he be? Simpsons

17. What do you and your dad do together? Watch tv- movies and cartoons

18. How are you and your dad the same? We just love eachother

19. How are you and your dad different? Daddy has red hair and I have white hair which makes us different.  If we don’t have the matching colors then that makes us different.

20. How do you know your dad loves you? Because I’m his boy!!

21. Where is your dad’s favorite place to go? Um um um um um!  I think it is Toys R Us, because it has all kinds of toys for little kids like me and Voffy (Joshy)!

Just Drill and Fill

So I went to the  dentist today and found out I had a cavity.  Ugh!  My hygienist asked if I ate candy.  Um yes, chocolate candy especially is good like whenever!  I’ve done everything right: I use my Sonicare toothbrush 2x daily and I’ve even upped the flossing count per week.  I make sure popcorn kernels get removed and I also like to chew gum.  I guess I’ve got to cut back on the sugary sweets.  I have a mouth full of fillings so it’s not like this is anything new.  It’s just a reality check that I’m not invincible and should maybe start eating less candy sweets to ensure I still have real teeth later to enjoy the sweeter things in life.

Luckily this new dentist trusted me when I said I don’t need a shot.  Just drill and fill and let me go home.  Why do dentists insist on numbing people all the time?  I get more worked up and nervous for the silly little shot than I do for the drill.

Sew Little Time

I’ve been attending free sewing lessons weekly since before Christmas.  The idea was to start on a rag quilt and dedicate my weekly sewing hour to finishing it.  Well along the way I’ve stumbled upon clothes in this house with missing buttons, hand me down pants for the boys that have holes in the knees and other places as well, shirts that have little rips or tears, dish towels needing mending, some camis that are too long, and hubby’s pants that are shredding at the bottom, because they’re too long and drag on the ground.  Well my mending pile has become so large that I’ve been abandoning that rag quilt for months, because fixing these clothing items have taken over! 

Well I broke out the sewing machine last night and today and repaired just about everything in my large heap.  The good news is I have learned how to successfully fix all of these minor clothing problems.  I can fix my own clothes!  That’s about as exciting as yelling “I’m debt free!” to Dave Ramsey honestly.  I think I’ve fixed 12 things and have 3 more that require some expert guidance before I attempt them. This doesn’t include the 1 or 2 items I’ve been taking to my weekly sewing lessons for the past couple of months!  My theme for year is “use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!  I’m hoping the fix it pile is empty soon so I can get back to attending water aerobics (sewing and water aerobics are scheduled during the same time.)  Anyone up for free water aerobics on Tues and Thurs evenings?

Tips from the Toilet

So we’ve been potty training on and off again since like, oh, age 18 months.  Well we stumbled upon something today that just might help someone else out there who’s struggling as much as I have!  Make a stop at the casino!  Why?  There’s nothing cooler to a kid than an automatic flushing toilet and automatic sink with an automatic hand soap dispenser right next to it!  We had to call daddy as soon as our hands were dry and ask if we could get an toilet that flushes all by itself for our house!  I think this was a turning point in our toilet training adventures.


Apparently Mikey has never seen a girl’s swimsuit, because as I tore opened the box and was holding mine up (I ordered it online. YES, stupid I know, but it was a REALLY great deal!) Mikey gave me the weirdest look and said, “Mom, that swimsuit isn’t as big as you are.  It’s kind of small and it doesn’t cover you like your shirt does.  And those holes are for… your… legs???” 

I busted up laughing and then preceeded to show him guy and girl swimsuit models in the JC Penney’s ad so he could understand the whole swimsuit look.  All this at the tender age of 3! 

So it’s time to open a new bottle of gummy vitamins and guess who couldn’t get the silly “child proof” lid off the bottle?  I tried and tried and finally handed to Mikey and told him to take it to Mike to open.  Mikey said, “Let me do it” and seriously after a few twists and turns he got the lid off with hardly any trouble at all!  I couldn’t believe it!  Maybe he could balance the checkbook next!