The Cat in the Hat


Tonight I read Mikey the classic book by Dr. Seuss.  After the Cat cleans up the mess and leaves their house again the mom comes home and asks the kids what did they did during the day.  The last page asks the reader something like, “what would you do if your mom came home and asked you?”

So, I asked Mikey, “If the Cat in the Hat came to play at our house for the day, would you tell me?”

Mikey: (with a huge grin on his face) “No mom.  I wouldn’t tell you the Cat in the Hat came to play at our house.”

I wonder if I should be worried.

Simply Ornamental

 I have a friend who is really talented and creates jewelery.  Check out her website ( for some amazing pieces.  And even cooler is that she is doing a give away for Mother’s Day (you read that guys?) so go check out that site. 

She has a cute blog (she’s the only Mac blogger I know) which has more info about the giveaway if you’d like to enter as well!

Mikey’s New Pet

Upon hearing the Mikey gets to babysit a cat next week, Grandma N was reminded that they (Grandma and Grandpa) were thinking about getting a cat for Mikey and Josh.  When asked what I thought I said that’s fine as long as it stays at their house 6 hours away!  When Grandma N then talked to Mikey to see if he would like a cute little kitty cat to play with at her house he paused and then said NO!  We then asked what kind of animal he wanted Grandma and Grandpa to get him to play with at their house and after thinking for a few seconds he replied very seriously,  A LION!

April 15- My Taxes Are Due!

In case you procrastinate the day of your acceptance (of owing/ receiving money to/from the IRS) remember for next year that you can mail your return from Mandalay Bay on April 15th and receive a FREE ticket to the Shark Reef aquarium.  You don’t even have to unload the kiddos or get out of your car!  Just drive up to the east convention parking lot, hand over your stamped envelope and they drop it in the blue mail box and hand you a FREE ticket for each tax return you mail.  I did ours and then so graciously offered to mail my sis-in-law’s and cousin’s taxes so I could get more free tickets.  Totally easy and totally worth waiting until the last minute.  There was no line at all like some of those post offices I drove by- sheesh!


A new RS presidency was called today.  I’m NOT in it!  So, now that I have all this spare time I think I’ll get a hobby.   Does Facebook count??  Well congrats and good luck President Curtis!  

As for my next calling- I have no clue!  The VT coordinator is now vacant, the RS secretary is vacant, a counselor in Primary is coming up soon, oh and about a million and one primary worker callings need filled!  There’s a few over with boy scouts.  We have no Activities Committee chair people  since they moved.  So, only time will tell, but I’m not complaining, because I have free time!! So, uh, we can be friends now… I’m not off limits anymore!

50 Nifty United States

So Mikey has become quite the little geography whiz since getting his big USA floor puzzle.  We’re potty training  and after a successful #2 he looked in the toilet and exclaimed: “Wow! My poop looks like Hawaii!”  I dread the day when Alaska or Texas comes, because Hawaii took at least 20 minutes!!

Mikey passed an elementary school in St. George and said, “When I turn 5 I can go to that school.”

Daddy: That school is in Utah and you have to live in Utah to attend their schools. 

Mikey: We should move.

Mike: Where should we move?

Mikey: (after thinking about it a while) KANSAS!

Sorry west coast.  My 3 year old isn’t too excited for your school system!