Playing Catch Up

So it’s one of those days where I just woke up feeling awful- all crampy and sore and don’t talk to me for 5-7 days or I might bite your head off- you know, Aunt Flow!? Yeah, kay, just in case you weren’t following.  So much for cleaning the house.  Cleaning is so overrated.  I’ve gone long enough without cleaning and I don’t have the “I’m working on the Preparedness Fair” excuse this weekend, bummer! I’m taking it easy, would love to sleep, but the kiddos won’t allow for that.  So hey, I’ll just leave snacks in easy to reach places.  Cartoons are on non stop, and I hate admit it, but my kiddo is still in pjs!  That has only happened like, well, uh, I don’t know if that’s ever happened before in this house!  Remember, OCD me- we have unwritten rules like no breakfast or going downstairs until we’re dressed for the day.  Hey, today pjs are clothes and we’re dressed!

So I’m catching up on some of the blog posts I’ve only been thinking about, but that never quite make it to the press. Enjoy all the pics.  I guess my kids do look alike now that I’ve been digging in Mikey picture archives and comparing to Joshy’s current pics.  Yeah, cleaning can wait.  I love that I can do something productive from a couch.  This is great!

Come and Play!

Mikey got new Elmo slippers for Christmas from us and new Sesame Street jammies from Grandma and Grandpa N.  Grandma C. gave him Ernie one evening when he forgot Baby Bear at at home and couldn’t sleep.  Well I asked Mikey if I could take a picture of Ernie and after 6 hundred bazillion tries, we finally got a decent one with Mikey and Ernie both smiling at the camera!  That silly boy!

Game On


Mikey has taken a liking to playing games and related activities.  For Christmas he got Dora dominoes, Sesame Street dominoes, and for his birthday he got Mickey Mouse dominoes.  Can you guess what we play at our house all the time? 

He’s pretty good too! We showed him once how to turn the doubles side ways and continue placing pieces along them and he does it! 

Other games we play- Snap card game (similar to Egyptian War), go fish, Bingo (he’s way good at this one), checkers (still learning this one), chess (well, this one is a bit advanced so maybe mastery by kindergarten), the Cookie Jar game (played at 18 months), and the motorized fishing pond game (my least fave!)

And this kid loves puzzles!  No little red finger knobs needed.  He did a United States puzzle with Mike once and now attempts it all by himself.  If he starts with California, then he looks at the box and can figure out which pieces go where.  We’re learning states with this little activity.  He can tell you which one is missing too- West Virginia! 

So I was a crazy first time parent and was a little worried when Mikey turned 1 and wasn’t talking, but now as a 3 year old he blows me away with the stuff he can learn and retain! 

Joshy was having a hard day with teething and wouldn’t calm down for anything.  Mikey out of no where said, “Mommy, let I hold Voffy (Joshy) so he won’t be sad” and it totally worked!  Josh loves his big brother and Mikey is doing his best to teach Joshy all there is to know in the world including the rules of how to play all these games.   I sure love these cute little guys!

I Heart You


Love Pie

Love Pie


Not hurt you, heart you!  My hubby always teases me with silly things like that.

I made him an apple pie with my FREE pie crusts I got by using coupons on clearance items.  Oh, I just couldn’t resist getting a post in about couponing =o)  Obsessive- of course!  And I used cookie cutters for the fancy decorated top.  Sure beats trying to cut out letters free hand.

I love you hubby #1.  Thanks for being such a computer geek and for spending all day fixing other people’s problems.  We sure love you Daddy Cox and love spending time with you.  Thanks for all you do!

25 Random Things About Me!

1. I only have 1 pair of flip flops.  They’re black.  My first pair was given to me by a college roomie and they were red, white, and blue and lasted about 6 years before that toe divider thingy busted.  I miss them!

2. I have only had short hair for 1 year and it bugs me.  I don’t take the time to do anything with it.  Plus it’s so thick that it has to be layered which makes it hard to do anything with as well.  I’m growing it out and going back to my old ways of long and loving it!

3. I met my husband at church!  Ha, I can’t believe that’s our story.  We were on the Youth Conference Committee together for the Sandstone Stake, but we didn’t know eachother beforehand.

4. I really like to eat Twizzlers licorice.  Not RedVines or any other brand.

5. My hubby calls me Princess Cheese Puff because I really like to eat cheese.  I love chocolate too, but don’t have a nickname for that one.

6. When I was little I hated that big wrinkle that everyone has going across their big toe.  I never wore sandals that revealed my toes or walked around barefoot during the summer as a result.

7. I went to Western High School and my senior year I was drum major in the band, captain of the tennis team, captain of the Varsity Quiz team, President of National Honor Society, Academics editor of the year book, and on the seminary student council.  I had a school uniform every day I could wear!

8. I used to chase boys in 1st grade, pin them against the chain link fence and make them kiss me.  

9. My first job was a “courtesy clerk” at Smith’s grocery store.  I loved that job and occassionally I got to work nonfoods and also in the bakery.  Great experience.

10. I graduated from Southern Utah University with a degree in Elementary Education and came back to NV to teach.  My plan was to come back and teach the whole time.

11. I was never really good at math and sometimes I hated it.  My dad told me there’s no way to avoid math, so just get good at it.  I minored in math in college and know that a miracle got me through Calculus 1.  I even for a split sec thought I’d want to teach Jr. High pre algebra for the rest of my life. 

12. I count people’s toes to make sure they have 10 little piggies!  Everyone so far has had 10 piggies!

13. Our first house was a cute little orange 2 bed 2 bath house with a 2 car garage built in the 1970’s.  I’d move back in a heart beat! 

14. I really enjoy Memorial Day.  I think decorating graves is awesome.  Christmas is good too!

15- I love coupons!  My mom clipped coupons and taught me all about comparison shopping and finding the price per pound.  I clipped coupons in college and would share them with my roomies.  They just laughed.  When hubs and I become millionaires (at age 30 according to our friends) I will still clip coupons for sure!

16-  I’ve had 2 c-sections which guarantees the rest will come out the same way as well. 

17- I’m a graduate school drop out.  I’ve taken all the classes to earn my Masters Degree in Early Childhood- Special Edcuation from UNLV, but I waited too long to go back and register for the last two classes.  Some day I’ll finish.

18- My RS calling has forced me to get over being scared of strangers.  I just dive in and call/ stop by/ leave my contact info for strangers/ etc.  Meeting new people has become a personal goal for me I guess. It drives me nuts to not know a sister in my ward.  There are a few still though I have never met.

19- I’m a bit OCD.  Just ask my hubby.  My kiddo has picked up on it a bit so I’ve learned to loosen up… but just a little bit.

20- I’m half Hispanic.  Sure wish my mom would have taught me Spanish though!

21- I have a square freckle on my ear and so does my younger brother.

22- Lost my last tooth in high school.

23- The Cali mom with the 14 kiddos totally doesn’t bug me like it does the rest of the world.  Good luck to her!  Just glad it’s not me.

24- Some people like to buy clothes or shoes.  I like to buy groceries and food storage!  It’s a total high for me.

25- I could go on and on.  I enjoy talking about myself =o)

It’s Been 11 Months Since I had This Kid

We have a birthday coming up next month!  I can’t believe little Joshua is getting so old, well in baby months he’s an oldie!

We’re trying to keep up with our little guy.  Here’s what he’s doing:

Army crawling/ crippled man crawling his way to everything.  He lays on his stomach, keeps 1 leg straight and pushes his body around with the other leg and pulls himself along with his arms.  My friend said he looks like he’s crippled.  Pretty good definition of how he gets around.

Loves the kitchen floor because he can just slide/glide along on his stomach.  And the good food is under the bench where Mikey sits- we’re talking mac n cheese, noodles, cereal, yogurt drips.  Josh has mastered his route from the toys to the kitchen floor after meals.

Raises his arms above his head.

Waves hi and bye.  Or at least we think he knows how to do that!

Tried Cheerios for the first time and didn’t quite get the concept to chew and swallow.  He would gum them up and pop them out of his mouth.  Mikey had a blast pouring the cereal box onto Josh’s high chair tray and then preceded to eat the majority of the Cheerios.

His favorite toy is Mikey’s pinwheel.  He also enjoys his little play piano.  Mikey’s Ernie and Baby Bear are also some favorites.  Josh pulls them close and rubs his face in them like he’s trying to snuggle with them. He smiles every time he gets his hands on them.

Will play the I drop and you pick up game as long as you can stand it.

Tries feeding himself with a spoon.

When you ask if he’s tired he will lay his head down on your shoulder and tuck his hands under himself like he’s curling up to go to sleep.  We then sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star before putting him in the crib.

Likes to have ABC letters on his head during bath time.  It’s the boys’ new game with Daddy during bath time.

Wakes up 2 times during the night.  I should just bite the bullet and let him cry it out, huh? 

Starting to crawl over things.  The food storage bucket lids were his first attempt at getting over something.  Now he crawls over legs and Mikey’s tummy to get to the other side.

Likes cell phones and has dropped mine 1 too many times.  I’m due for a new one very soon!

Has made his way into the bathroom to play.  We now keep the doors shut!

Crawls over to doors and gets such a thrill out of closing them and then pulling them from underneath to open them.

Happy happy happy and doesn’t get separation anxiety unless Daddy is holding him and Mommy is standing close by.  He’s a Mommy’s boy for sure!

Sits in the shopping cart and puts his legs up and over the handle bar every time.  We get quite a few comments about this relaxed little kid.

Likes to put balls in holes and put his fingers in small spaces to explore.  And he has mastered the game of demolishing the towns, tracks, towers, that Mikey has built.

Loves to sit across from other babies and touch them and share their toys.

Sticks his tongue out a lot!

Kick Butt Alby’s Deals

The Great Albertson's Deal
The Great Albertson’s Deal


I was so excited for my purchases at Albertson’s today that I couldn’t wait to get the groceries in the house- I unbagged them in the trunk so I could take a picture!  I made it with 2 kids along for the ride.

I spent $40 and some change on all this!  I got those ice creams and the 3 Muskateers in the clearance section for $1, but they ended up being free with my last transaction, because I used a $10 off catalina.

Want to learn more and how and the ins and outs?  Go read about the “special list” that tells you what’s on sale and lets you print off coupons to save even more money HERE

I separated my groceries into 6 groups of 10 items to get the most bang for my buck.  I separated my coupons with a paper clip based on these 6 groups.  So coupons for transaction #1 were paper clipped together.  Coupons for transaction #2 were paper clipped together in their own little group.  Etc. Etc.

So, 10 items (all the same price for this buy 10 item sale to work) in group #1 were rung up by the very friendly teller.  I then hand her over coupons for only those items… easy to do b/c they were paper clipped together.  Yay, money from coupons starts coming off.  Pay her and out pops a catalina (coupon from the store you get at the register after paying) for $10 off my next purchase.

Well, next group of 10 items are rung up.  I hand over coupons (paper clipped together) and $ is deducted.  Then, I hand over that $10 off catalina coupon from my previous purchase and BAM -$10 off my total.  I think I spent $2.50 on this transaction.  Well, out pops another catalina for $10 off my next purchase.  Are you catching on?

Ring up next group of 10 items. Hand over coupons and watch my total go down.  Hand over catalina from previous purchase and BAM, another $10 dollars comes off!  Out pops another catalina for $10 off my next purchase.

Lather, rinse, repeat.  My last transaction didn’t have  items from the sale going on (purchase 10 select items get $10 off your next order), but they were free since I used the catalina from the previous purchase to knock $10 bucks off.  My last transaction was 10 bucks exactly, handed over catalina, no money owed!!

Are you with me?  I love this stuff.  And yay for free and super cheap comfort foods to help stock up the 3 month supply of foods my family will eat!

I did make a few mistakes- I am human!  I was supposed to use some Alby’s coupons and manufacturer coupons for double deals and get some free paper towels, but I sort of didn’t think things through in time to make it work.  Oh well!  My motto is: you gotta leave room for improvement =o)  Okay, one more look at the goods!




I am burning the very last CD right now!  Thank you to everyone who helped burn a set of 25 or so.  Sure helps to divide and conquer when it comes to big #s like 300!  And by the way, we only have 2 CD burners working at the moment.  1 is gone 15 hours a day with hubby, so little ole me was left with 1 burner, but I can now add CD burning to my list of accomplishments!  Hip hip hooray!  CD burning is done today!  Just got to pick up CDs from 3 people and we will be all set for the Emergency Preparedness Fair on Saturday!  Thanks once again everyone for your help!

Can You Burn CDs?

Um, huge favor to ask dear bloggers =o) So the preparedness fair is next week and we (hubby and I) have 300 CDs to burn for the event.  1 week, 300 CDs, only 1 CD burner…you get the idea!  Any one want to donate some time for a great cause and help in the effort?  I can personally deliver 25 CDs (unless you want more) and cases to you with the master CD if you will burn them at your house and get them done by Wed.  I will come back and get them too!  Leave a comment or shoot me an email if you’d be willing to help a sistah out.  I thank you in advance!

Precious Moments

Lately Joshy has been sleeping in until about 9am every morning.  Mike brings him to me at 6:30am and then he snuggles next to me on my arm and falls asleep.  I just look at this little guy and all his cute little features and I am amazed!  I can’t complain for being able to sleep in more than normal and have a great reason for not getting things done like laundry and dishes and bathrooms, right?