Store Closings!

All Lucky’s Stores and the Albertsons on Trop & Eastern and Lake Mead  & Jones are closing their doors on Feb 19th.  So, everything in the store is marked down 10-90%.  The non food items are better deals right now- diapers are 25% off, medicines and first aid stuff is 50% off, baking items are 25-50% off, spices are 50% off, household cleaners are 25-50% off.  We’ve been to an Alby’s and a Lucky’s and the prices are the same.  Alby’s did have a better diaper pack available though, so glad I got diapers (Huggies) there.  Oh yeah, and they are still taking Q’s so even more $$ off your purchase.  Have fun bargain shopping!  Everything is on sale, but not everything is a great sale!!  Be careful not to get crazy just because there’s a big store closing sign.  Don’t go in thinking everything must be a super fabulous low low price, because it’s not!

Fresh and Easy, Not so Easy

“If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends.
If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.


I bought diapers last week for $19.99 (a big box) and this week they are on sale even more.  I took in my reciept and they would not give me the difference.  Grrrrrr.  They went through 3 people/ managers to tell me they do not do that.  On top of that, they don’t take manufacturer coupons- double Grrrrrr!  Ok, rant over for now!

New Vocabulary Words

So I’m babysitting 2 days a week which is nice, because Mikey can have some friends and I can get things done while they entertain eachother.  Well today the 5 year old power ranger lover introduced some new vocabulary to Mikey.  My little 3 year old now throws around the words “battle” and “fight” which I’m not sure what I think about it.  It’s not so bad I guess when you put it in context of how they were playing and using their new vocabulary words- placing little Geo Trax people on the train track for the trains to come by and hit them and knock them off the track.  Basically they were playing ‘chicken’ with people and trains.  At least they weren’t duking it out with fists and noses on my couches or the train table, right?  We still haven’t played with toy guns of any kind, so I can be happy about that!

The Ants go Marching One by One

What luck!  I parked in the last stall in the church parking lot which was right next to some rocks and shrubbery landscaping.  Well after church I felt a pinch on the top of my foot as I was standing by the truck unloading some food storage to people and looked down to see a red ant.  It burned a bit, but I flicked him off and thought nothing more of the situation.  WELL!  As I was driving home my stomach felt all itchy and sure enough, I checked my tummy and found 3 big red bumps and a little red ant biting away at me!  To make matters worse, I locked myself out of the house and Mike was in St. George for the weekend.   So itchies all over and no way inside to shower!

I did go to my s-i-l’s house across town and oinked on her leftovers and the boys took wonderful naps over there, so the day wasn’t completely awful.

Today I still feel like there are ants crawling and nipping me.  Crazy huh?

Mikey is 3 Years Old

The week before Mikey was born (a little over 3 years ago), my mom rolled her Explorer on the highway after she took her seat belt off to remove her jacket.  She spent the night in the hospital and had to tell me only 1/2 truths  (car problems) about why it was taking her so long to come down to see me so I wouldn’t go in to labor.

2 years ago, my Dad drove from Vegas (celebrating Mikey’s bday) back home only to get in a 4 wheeling accident (wearing no helmet) where he faced either running head on into an on coming vehicle or drive over the ledge and head down close to the icy river.  He chose the latter, rolled a few times,  broke some things, had a long ambulance ride to the hospital about 45 minutes away.

Last year we celebrated by ourselves for fear someone else would have bad luck with moving vehicles!

This year we opted to go see these “unlucky” grandparents and celebrate Mikey’s birthday up there, hoping and praying the weather would be good and we wouldn’t get in a wreck!

Couldn’t have been better conditions!  We had a reunion with some extended family, went ice fishing, sledding, 4 wheeling on the ice, had a party, and celebrated like crazy!

I’m afraid we can’t top this party even if we wanted to.  It was simple, with family, a Cars cake the Mikey really wanted Grandma to make, and just lots of fun with 2nd cousins he’s hardly known until now! Yay for family parties and Happy Birthday Mikey!

I Heart TVP

So I was making a chicken with veggie and stuffing covering the top casserole for dinner last night and the chicken was showing no signs of thawing out!  (Yeah, I pulled cooked frozen chicken out of the freezer 10 minutes before starting on dinner!) My solution= ditch the chicken and throw in some TVP sausage from a can that’s in my food storage!!

Results= totally delicious and flavorful!  I will be making this again. And the spices are such a nice treat since I only use salt and pepper pretty much.  So daring, I know!

So I’m totally thinking this would be a great casserole for that sister in the ward who just had a baby!!!  I loved this dish and I think the rest of my ward would too!  I just can’t figure out why I never get called to take in a meal!?!  And I think Dream Dinners should start using TVP meats in their casserole dishes too! A lot more of us would try this dinner service if the price was cheaper.  The more cheaper chicken is called TVP people.

Read more about TVP meat here.  It’s pretty easy reading and just may change your mind about it.  I am half tempted to ditch meat altogether and go TVP all the way baby.

I’ve TVPed the sisters at Enrichment and put the sausage bits in a nacho dip and they loved it.  I’ve TVPed the missionaries and some friends who came over for breakfast for dinner.  Those scrambled eggs had TVP sausage bits in them my friends =o)  And now I’ve TVPed my family members who had no complaints about my casserole.

Who’s next?  Oh, maybe 2 wards at our Emergency Preparedness Fair next month (mwah ha ha ha)!

Target Deals

Target Deals

Target Deals

This post is overdue, but it did happen in January =o)  If you don’t know, I love coupons.  They save me mucho dinero when I combine coupons with sales! 

Today’s lesson: clip coupons for brands you don’t usually buy. Why?  You can get lots of stuff FREE that are perfect for that 72 hour kit that’s disassembled all over this house! And FREE stuff is good for gifts or mother’s survival baskets for VTers and things like that!

I spent $20 bucks (it should have only been $15 bucks, but lesson learned) and some change and got all this at Target.  $1.00 coupons are great for trial sized items and clearance items, because they end up being free!

Overage= the Airwick things were on clearance for $4.24.  I had a coupon for $5.00 off an Airwick thing, so I had $$ left over to use towards something else!  Cool huh?  I had overage on the batteries, Downy, Tide, and the airfresheners.  It helped lower the price of the paper towels which were needed for my year supply of non food items.

Lessons learned: watch cashier as they scan- I had 2 $5 off coupons for the Airwick air fresheners and she only scanned 1 coupon!  I really like Costco brand toilet paper and paper towels, because they are individually wrapped and thick quality.  I wish I didn’t get the paper towels from Target now =o(

Okay, more lessons later! I don’t remember how many coupons I used, or my $$ saved because of coupons, but couponing is not really about how much you save…. it’s about how much you spend!

It’s Been 10 Months Since I Had This Kid

Well little Joshy is finally making the transition to being a mobile little guy.  He isn’t crawling, but he sure can scoot on his tummy and pull himself along the kitchen floor at a quick pace. Here’s what he’s been doing lately:

-Sits up for an extented time (you have to sit him up) and then falls back and rolls on his tummy to start “pull crawling”

– Has 2 bottom teeth and more on the way

– Wears size 3 diapers

– Has discovered pb+j sandwich crusts under the kitchen table and tries his best to eat them

-Crunched a Cheerio in half, but just drools out the pieces

– Loves to be in the middle of whatever Mikey is playing with, usually leaving Mikey begging me to pick Josh up and hold him away from all the toys

– Got a haircut at Grandma N’s and looks completely different.

– Wakes 2 times a night and it’s taking a toll on me!

– Likes to type on the laptop

– Grabs for glasses and cheeks, sometimes hair

– Enjoys rolling to the toy bins, pulling things out, and kicking at whatever he can get his feet on

-Went ice fishing and did really well to sleep the whole time

-Can click and unclick ink pens

-Plays with door stops

– Happy disposition and will let anyone hold him, unless he’s hungry and I’m close by =o)

The Cookie Jar

I told Mikey he could go get a muffin out of the cookie jar and eat it since I was tired and wanting to take a nap.  Well not too long after closing my eyes I hear Mikey calling me to come help him.  He told me everything that happened and I’m still amazed that this kid doesn’t lie or stretch the truth.  I surprisingly didn’t get mad, but I did take pictures anyways since I don’t have many of these moments in pictures. 

He told me the lid broke while he was trying to get a muffin and that we should try to glue it back together.  Too many pieces, so we just have a cookie jar with no lid now =o)

Whew, Some Sleep!

So we’re back to being sick again!  I can’t believe it!  We were down and out for seriously all of December, had 2 great weeks in January of church and nursery and BAM!  Here we go again with the runny noses, watery eyes, achey bodies, cranky kids (and wife) and no rest for any of us.

I did however get some awesome sleep last night!  Hallelujah.  I was seriously running on oh, maybe 6 hours of sleep in 3 days and it was kind of making me all loopy and really hyperactive.  But there was relief last night.  I woke up after 3 hours and felt like I had slept for closer to 30 hours!  Don’t you love those deep sleeps?

And I am happy to say that I was up and out of bed by 8:30 this morning ready to tackle the laundry, bathrooms, kitchen floor, dishes….  Amazing what a good night’s sleep can do for a person. Whew that was great!