Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

The house next door is for sale.  A short sale for 150K. Oh how I would love for someone, anyone, with small kiddos (or no kiddos) to move next door and be my nice friendly neighbor.  It’s a single story house so you could stay there through retirement =o)  No stairs are good on the knees.  We’ve got a nice little park behind our house for birthday parties and fun neighborhood get togethers.  Did I mention we can swap babysitting days and date nights??  I have no one, no one living close enough to go borrow an egg from or drop my kiddos off for 15 minutes so I can leave for my RS mtgs while Mike is on his way home.  I’m dreaming of some nice neighbors.  Just like the ones I used to know.   We can share our hobbies and food.  And we’ll even share our lawn mower and ladders if you wish.  So that didn’t quite rhyme, but you get the idea!   I hope Santa hears my plea!

5 thoughts on “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

  1. Oh that sounds like so much fun. I’m definitely a big fan of the kiddo swap and borrowing food without having to drive somewhere to do it. Good luck with your neighbors and I hope Santa hears your plea.

  2. sorry we did not buy a house next too you. I know im not right next door but you can totally drop the boys off for at my house when we move…. :O)

  3. aaaarrrggghhhh! i’m DREAMING of a one story house!! especially one with a nice neighbor to swap bbsitting with!! espcially especially for $150k! now…if i could just find someone to unload my house on, it would all be settled 🙂

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