With a Moo Moo Here

So in my despiration to get home quickly I stopped at the beautiful new Wal Mart Neighborhood market because it was on the same side of the street as I was driving. Granted I have never been one, I was in a hurry and needed my precious white liquid to quench my thirst- milk.

So even though I am totally impressed that a WalMart of all places could stay so spotless and neat and clean and just beautiful on the outside and inside of their store, I will no longer shop there…. Why you ask? Because their cows are different from my normal Smith’s cows and the WalMart milk tastes disgusting!! Not like sat-in-the-car too long gross, but just a weird taste that I just can’t get used to and honestly, I don’t want to. So I’ve been getting my moo milk from Smith’s for nearly a year now and I just can’t believe how much I appreciate it now. I am only shopping at Smith’s because I am guaranteed great milk =o) Maybe it’s a weird pregnancy taste bud enhanced thing, but I’m not going to chance it any more.

Now what I would like to do is start going more wholesome and using food storage to “prepare for my flood before it starts pouring down”. I want to start using powdered milk. I have memories from my childhood and it was aweful, but I am willing to give it another shot. WalMart cows- not willing to give it another shot. There are some things you just have to let go of, and for me it is WalMart milk.

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  1. Well, I’ll repost briefly. I agree with you about the milk. I will only drink Smiths/Mt Dairy, if I can help it. Anderson milk is good. Stay far away from Von’s milk. Even my kids can tell the difference bewtween the good milk and the other stuff.

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