Wild Thing, I Think I Love You!

So I was checking out a cool website about fun photo tips for Valentine photos and thought I would try them out.  I got all excited and then realized that I didn’t have my camera, because hubby took it to Idaho.   So, I couldn’t wait and I took pics with my cell phone camera, because I just had to try the techniques. 

Well, my kiddo didn’t quite follow the directions given, but here’s the result we achieved while trying.  It was a neat little bonding experience and he had fun saying “cheese” every time I snapped a shot.  He’s such a ham! 

I see you!             Valentine’s pic 2008

2 thoughts on “Wild Thing, I Think I Love You!

  1. Amanda,
    Hey my name is Emily Ashton, you don’t know me but I came across your blog searching for the Nellis Manor ward…I noticed you are in it. We are moving out that way in may (my husband will be stationed at Nellis) and I am busy online trying to search for housing…I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about it since I have never lived in vegas, and hardly know the area. Do you live on base? or off…or are you even military? If you would be willing to help me out a bit, just email or comment on my blog that would be wonderful!!

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