These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

So kids are great and the toy market is even greater!! It is possible to have too many toys and too many books I think, so I really like the idea of rotating toy bins! Well I was just thinking about my fave things that Mikey has and thought I would share them (in no particular order):

Mr. Potato Head- perfect for hours of fun at home and at church and helping to fine tune those motor skills Mr. Potato Head
Tupperware’s shape sorter- the classic shape sorting toy Tupperware Shape sorter
GeoTrax Train set (the possibilities are endless)- we are seriously trying to get the whole city 1 little station at a time. Mikey can put the tracks together and work the remotes to make the trains move too! Geo Trax train
Baby Einstein videos- I sure wish I thought of this… I’d be rich!! Baby Einstein
Signing Time on PBS every day- It’s Signing Time with Alex and Leah! Educational and fun, hooray! Signing Time
Step Stools- Well they are good for getting onto the potty, but sometimes Mikey is smart and uses them to turn on the lights, reach the treats/ toys/ books that are on the kitchen island, or sometimes he just sits on it and reads a book. Step Stool
Wooden ABC blocks- He got these for his 1st Birthday and loves to build towers. These also taught him how to read letters and numbers and now he’ll spell words with them. ABC blocks
Large outside play equipment- When a crowd and all their kids come over we just send the little ones outside to play. You have to try really hard to break these big toys! Swing set
Melissa and Doug toys- These are like classic brightly painted wooden toys that are great for endless play time. Mikey has some puzzles, blocks, and the tool box which is his favorite so far. Every little guy needs his own set of tools! Melissa and Doug toys

Explorathon Toy Laptop- Mikey loves to play on his laptop while we are each using our own laptops. It has spelling, music, and counting games that he can do and a mouse that really clicks! We found it at Kmart back before Christmas and for $19.99 we think it’s a great investment.  We still help him a lot with spelling games, but there are a few games that he can do by himself.  The only downside is that it isn’t a QWERTY keyboard, the letters are in ABC order.

Explorathon laptop

What are your kid(s) favorite toys that I should introduce to my toddler?  It’s never too early to start Christmas shopping for my household.  I finally have a central location for gifts so I don’t forget about them throughout the year!!

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  1. Some of my favorite toys that the kids have are 1. Legos. These things are GREAT! They’ve got huge ones for babies and toddlers, medium sized ones for kids a little bigger, and then the little ones for the big kids. My kids will play with these for a long time and come out with the coolest creations. I’ve even signed the boys up for the Lego club. I love toys where imagination is required. 2. Little People. These are the cutest little toys. Little tiny people and little tiny settings. We’ve got a fire station, park, RV. They can have a whole town. They even make little people animals and vehicles. There is also a Noah’s Ark, whick looks very cute. These toys also require imagination, and are great for boys and girls, babies and big kids.

  2. I am glad that you are adjusting after having your new baby! Sounds like it was rough for awhile! I think toy rotating is a great idea. I have talked with my sister-in-law about making toy bins and swapping them!

  3. Landon loves little people all little people. and Cars we got him a car track and he loves to make the cars go on it. He also loves Elmo ABC’s (the video) he has learned a lot of his alphabet that way. He also has a tool bench that he loves and he loves to hammer things. Today he saw a nail in the wall with no picture and ran to get his hammer to “fix it”. I love all the toys that help them learn. I like the idea of swapping out toys, however I never know what to put away because he plays with ALL his toys… how do you decide?

  4. I am Anthony Child, I served with Mike in the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission. Just something funny. I am not a kid any more, but I still love Mr Potato Head.

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