The House That Mikey Built

Yesterday, Mikey came to me and said he wanted to break something. I said why don’t we build something instead. His eyes lit up for that idea! Rather than use his wooden play tools and wooden pieces to build something like he usually does, he ran down stairs and returned with the big box of Duplos in his hands. He’s quite the strong little guy. He then preceeded to bring the 2nd box of Duplos upstairs as well.

So he said he wanted to build a house for Baby Dino (Josh’s equivalent of Baby Bear) and so to work we went. I told him how to place the blocks all around Baby Bear (since Josh was playing with Baby Dino) and told him that we want to connect the blocks together to make the walls of the house. I started and Mikey did the rest.

And as soon as we built the house, Mikey had the instinctive desire to destroy it with an iron fist, or foot rather!

4 thoughts on “The House That Mikey Built

  1. They are so cute!

    I love Legos (of all sizes)! They are so great for kids to play with. They don’t make noise (except when they are being crashed down), they allow the kids to be creative and imagnitive, they can be a million different things, they even teach kids a little bit of engineering. I’ve also discovered they can be great for teaching kids fractions.
    The only problem is that they hurt when you step on them, especially Duplos.

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