Summer Lovin’

Pink Ladies

So this is a picture of Patty, me, and Mandy!! We are all SUU graduates who moved to Vegas to be teachers and ended up teaching at the same school for a while. They invited me to dinner to take a break from the boys and we made it a Pink Ladies’ Night and got quite a few stares! So we each wore a pink shirt, khaki knee length modest shorts, and sunglasses on our head! We headed to Applebee’s just to chat more than anything! Sometimes it’s so much fun just to get away and hang with friends for dinner and girl talk =o)

Thanks gals for the fun evening!! Now if I could just get you 2 married off to keep my end of the bargain, right??

1 thought on “Summer Lovin’

  1. sounds like fun! Its so nice to get out with the ladies! :O) Get a break! We have wanted his bday to be 8/8/08 that would be awesome! But I dont know if I can make it till then. :O) And thats just hoping he comes then! :O)

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