Sittin on the Dock of the Bay

You ever wish you could be somewhere, anywhere, but where you are?  It’s not that I’m unhappy here, I’m just pregnant- And I have a cold!!  Woke up Sunday barely before 9am church with a yucky tasting mouth and a bit of a sore throat.  I made it through the day though, meetings and all.  And my hubby made all 3 meals yesterday- I still am questioning whether I was dreaming or if he really spent more time in the kitchen than in front of his computer =o)

I keep reading about a saline solution for kids that I guess you squeeze up their noses and it helps to clear out all the junky nose boogies and help them feel better, but I’ve never tried it, nor has my kiddo.  So I wonder if you’re close to a beach and are breathing in the salt water smell if it would have the same effect?!?  So today I wish I was near a beach. 

How crazy that I would rather be at the beach rather than in my warm cozy bed.  I really think I’m sick now!  I do give credit to my prenatal vitamins that I really think are helping my immune system from letting this cold get me too warn out and sicker than I already feel.  I am running around today in super slow motion.  My family was up and had eaten before I was out of bed.  I go downstairs to join them and they head upstairs to get dressed and ready.  I told them I’d be up in a sec. and by the time I was climbing stair #2 they were dressed and heading back downstairs!  I did get my hubby’s lunch made though, unfortunately he had already left for work!!  So at least I have a headstart for tomorrow’s lunch =o)  I’m just taking things as the come and realizing that I am only as fast and productive as my body will allow me.  It’s not too bad, and I am really not feeling that bad.  I’m just taking it easy and doing what I can!!  Oh man, the phone just rang and I missed it, because I’m too slow.  2 days ago I could’ve made it.  Well maybe naptime will come early today and I can get one step closer to my beach =o)



3 thoughts on “Sittin on the Dock of the Bay

  1. Im sorry your feeling so rotten! that really stinks! I hate feeling so foggy that you are 10 steps beind everything. I sometimes feel so foggy Im not sure where I am half the time! Good luck with that! Ill wish you one step closer to the beach too. Just think only about 3 weeks and the baby will be out! YEAH! cute little baby boy cox who has yet to be named. :O)

  2. Amanda, you can get saline nasal spray in any drugstore. It’s next to the medicated nasal sprays. it’s also good for when your nose gets too dried out- like from cold medicine. Dr. Oz advocates this thing called a Neti Pot (?) that washes out your sinuses. You pour this stuff into one nostril and it comes out the other. It’s supposed to help people with sinus issues.

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