Say Ahhh, Now Spit

So I first need to thank my Sonicare toothbrush.  It’s been 2 years since we’ve been to the dentist (long story short- if I couldn’t go to the Wagner’s, then I wouldn’t go to anyone) but at our last visit (at the Wagner’s) Jenn mentioned we should get Sonicare toothbrushes just to boost our good oral health.  So we did and would you believe we have NO cavities and hardly any tarter??? I don’t even floss everyday either!  I always seem to have little cavities, but no cavities this time, and it’s been at least two years since we stepped foot in a dentist’s office!!  We aren’t at the Wagners, oh how we miss them, but some dentist is better than none!

Well today I went in to get my teeth cleaned (oh I love that feeling) and get my cracked filling replaced.  The funny this is I made it through the cleaning, but started freaking out when they said they had to numb me to fix the filling.  I can handle a spinal tap (it’s like accupuncture) and recovery from having kids, but try to give me a little tiny shot in my mouth that will probably feel like a mesquito bite and I start whimpering and tearing up.  I told the dentist just to try it without the shot and would you believe I didn’t feel a thing?  I’m serious!!  I have a mouth full of fillings and none of them ever required numbing!  I’m not about to start now, either!  Let’s just hope this place doesn’t reuse needles, used or not, because that would just be insane after what’s been going on at some places in this crazy town.

So thankyou Sonicare toothbrush for getting in the hard to reach spots and keeping my mouth clean and cavity free so I won’t have to endure numbing torture at the dentist’s office.

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  1. Good for you. I always fail my dental exams. Doesn’t seem to matter what I do, either. Novicane hurts. The shot doesn’t, but getting the medicine in really stings bad. But, I just grab on to the arms of the chair and think of my little kiddos and it’s not too bad. You could do it if you had to. I recently had to get a root-canal done, and the dr. told me that he had a ninety something guy come in and didn’t want to have any novicane. So, they did a root canal without anything and he said the guy didn’t move the whole time. No way I could do that. The dr. thought it was crazy too. Ahh…the joys of tooth care.

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