Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree

Well, not exactly. Last night I went to THE CHILDREN’S ORCHARD because a friend told me about their “$5.00 bag sale” that ran from 6-8pm. This store is one of those places where you can sell your kid’s gently used clothing and toys and buy gently used items for much cheaper than retail prices, even when the clothes are new and still have the original store tags on them.

So they passed out grocery sacks and you were allowed to grab and shove as many clothing items into the sack and only pay $5.00 for the entire bag when you were done. You just had to make sure the handles touched when you were holding the bag closed. The clothing items had to have the green tag though… I unfortunately had to empty my bag and start over upon learning the “green tag” rule, but I still make off with some great deals!

I found some church clothes and shoes, patriot ensembles, little rompers, and just plain cute stuff for the boys. They were in great condition too! Some items didn’t have the green tag so I had to pay the full price, but when all was said and done I spent $19 bucks and some change and got quite a few outfits that they can wear now and grow into. I am so excited for the size 2T church outfit I got for Mikey, because he had the exact same outfit in a size 6-9 months. This means I just might have boys matching in a few Sundays!! I call it their heart breaker ensemble- black pinstriped pants, white buttoned down shirt, red velvet vest, and a matching black necktie. I’m thinkin Christmas pictures might be formal this year =o)

So I want to know more about these type of places in Las Vegas and especially when stores offer these changing of the seasons/clearance/clear out sales!! Anyone know of any? My husband has to remind me often though that a person can go broke on a good deal…. I will admit I am getting better at not buying just because it’s on sale, but I might as well stock up for the next year and buy items when they’re dirt cheap!!! I do have self control. I do have self control. I do have self control!

3 thoughts on “Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree

  1. got most of our baby clothes that way when I was pregnant with Landon. Cant turn down a good deal!! :O) Especially on kids clothes when they out grow them so fast. Its insane! Its nice to have two boys though because you can use them more then once…:O) You will have to tell me when you find those kinds of deals!! We just went and spent 50 bucks on three new church outfits for Landon because the poor kid is growing so fast and out of his clothes. Poor mom and dads bank account!!

  2. What a deal!!! I’m jealous. In Illinois we had a great 2nd hand store like that, but I’ve been unsuccessful finding one since. I keep finding the overpriced 2nd hand stores and nothing cute for these 2 older munchkins. (The 2 younger are still wearing the good deal hand-me-downs.=)

  3. Amanda, have you checked out Kid to Kid? It’s the same kind of store. And I love the Carter’s outlet- every couple of months they’ll have $5 sales where outfits that cost triple that at Target are only, you guessed it, $5. Not the same as $5 for a bag, but still a good deal.

    For grownups, go to Buffalo Exchange (if it’s still around). It’s a consignment store off of Maryland and Flamingo. I haven’t been in years, but they used to have really great stuff.

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