Or Maybe My Future Isn’t So Bad…

So Joshy didn’t even seem bothered by all the crazy foods going through me and then him! He woke up once to eat and fell asleep rather quickly. He never burped though (we have the hardest time getting this kid to burp) and so about 2 hours later he woke up only to burp! Not so bad really since he’ll belch and then back to sleep he goes!! Well then 3 hours later he was crying, because we was wet! Yeah, the generic Target diaper leaked and poor little guy was not very comfy. Not gassy though!
So maybe spicy foods and loads of chocolate are good for gassy babies! It didn’t even phase my little guy. I guess our new venture is to find a better diaper for night time. We’ve started experimenting, but I’m convinced that I won’t need to spend more than 20 cents a diaper.

2 thoughts on “Or Maybe My Future Isn’t So Bad…

  1. Im glad he did so well. I am still afraid to try. Braddoc does fine with hot and spicy but not really with dairy or chocolate, so thats my life for now. :O) Glad your future was not so bleak, we have the same problems with leaky diapers too. :O(

  2. I told you Target diapers suck. Go to Sam’s Club and buy Huggies in bulk there. I think you’ll end up paying less than 20 cents a diaper, and they’ll be really good diapers. But even if it’s more like 23 cents a diaper, constant leaks and blowouts aren’t worth saving five bucks in my book.

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