Ooh Eee Ooh, Killer Tofu!

Not really, but I remembered this song from the cartoon Doug that used to be on Nickelodeon back in the day and it stuck. 

Tofu however, is not sticky.  It’s actually kind of spongy and wobbly and not very tasty looking.  I’m not even sure how the heck tofu came to be, but I have ventured into the land of vegetarian cooking and I have, my friends, experienced tofu.


Not like eat it plain right out of the plastic box all soaked in water, but as a really ingenious substitute for ricotta cheese in lasagna.  Lasagna rolls to be exact.  I thought I’d try out a meatless recipe since we have meat in some way shape or form (as long as it’s ground beef, chicken, or pork chops) for dinner every single night.  So I must say it was really dang good!  You would have no idea that was tofu in there, because it crumbled up and looked and tasted just like ricotta cheese!  My hubby and toddler even ate it and had no problems with it!  The cooked spinach had more of a slight “weird” flavor that popped through a few times, but nothing weird about the tofu.  This was an easy recipe to follow (as long as you get your ingredients together before you start cooking!) and it looks so fancy when you’re done!  A definite thumbs up for vegetarian lasagna rolls and it fed us for 2 meals.

Give tofu a chance!!  Try it in this easy lasagne roll recipe: http://food.yahoo.com/recipes/eatingwell/508/lasagna-rolls

I don’t even know the whole deal with using tofu-  it’s healthier or something and made from soybeans, whatever those are!?!  I just wonder when we’re surviving on our year supply of food storage, how the heck are you supposed to get tofu in there and all the other “market fresh” stuff?  Can you imagine storing a year supply of tofu??

5 thoughts on “Ooh Eee Ooh, Killer Tofu!

  1. Amanda, do you seriously not know what soybeans are? Ever gone to a Japanese restaurant and they bring out a dish of delicious green beans that look like brighter, happier lima beans (or else they bring out pods full of these)? It’s called edemame. Those are soybeans. And they’re really good. And yes, good for you. Good for your heart especially.

    I can’t imagine how one would store tofu, per se, but there are lots of soy-based products that are storable. I know of one that you can get at the cannery (though I’ve never bought it or tried it). It’s called TVP, and people use it to extend their meat, I think. But I don’t know for sure. I’m not very good at that whole food storage commandment. I’m trying. Sort of. But I’m really sucky at it.

  2. Ok – I printed out the recipe. I’ll give it a try… It sounds yummy! Did you use fresh spinach or frozen spinach? I’ve never bought tofu – I wonder where it is at Albertsons?

  3. Wendy,
    Me = You 5 years ago (clueless about cooking, but I did know what green onions were back then!) Take me by the hand and lead me through Sunflower Market please! More to tell me what things are and what you’re supposed to do with them. For Mother’s Day I am getting new pots n pans and a spice rack though, because I really want to learn and improve =o) =o)

    I used regular white lasagne noodles, garlic powder rather than the real stuff, and yes- fresh spinach, but I bet frozen would still work. In Smith’s I found tofu over in the produce dept. on the case that has organic stuff, packaged salad, and cut up and packaged fruits and veggies. Start cooking your noodles early- they take lots of time b/c you can’t through them all into the same pot like spaghetti noodles apparently.

  4. Amanda,
    You’re too funny, but you’ve got me interested in trying Tofu again. I tried it one time at a chinese buffet. It was just a square chunk of Tofu and I almost lost the rest of my dinner at my table. But maybe if it’s in something else …. hmmm. One of these days when I’m feeling adventurous, we’ll see how it goes. Thanks for the random idea. I love it!!!

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