Oh Johnny Appleseed!

I bought a box of apples and got ambitious.  I’ve never canned anything all by myself, but I decided that today would be the day to do it… without mom by my side to really do all the work while I played lazy assistant. 

I actually picked up some canning rings and lids on clearance on Wednesday and ironically got an email on Thursday about boxes of apples being offered at the Bosch store.  Collected some canning jars on Freecycle and now I’m in business.

Great news- I opened and used my Pampered Chef apple corer/peeler/ slicer (another wedding present still in the box until now!) and kind of got it to do what it’s supposed to do.

So all that hard work and I burned some of my first batch while talking to mom on the phone!  What luck huh?  So the apples I did salvage made a whopping 2 jars.  That’s a lot of work, but try #1 always takes the longest.  Batch 2 was a cinch to peel, but took so long to boil that I missed a Christmas party (sorry Patty) and resulted in 3 jars!! Note to self- 20 lbs of apples fills 5 medium jars. 

All in all I’m feeling all domestic diva-ish and so excited that I canned something.  Well, I’m still waiting for the lids to pop to let me know the whole process worked!  I’ve got to take a break from canning though before I get all worn out.  Lots of work, little to show for it (in quantity produced… the big sticky mess on the floor and my shoes doesn’t count).  I sure hope Mikey eats this stuff.  And Pampered Chef fans, how do I prevent major juice leakage from running down my cupboards (see picture)?

4 thoughts on “Oh Johnny Appleseed!

  1. way to go amanda. That whole lots of work and little to show is mainly why I dont can, I am too much to a need freak too and not so much with the messes that I would be way too stressed out!! You did a great job, hopefully it tastes totally yummy!

  2. You ambitious woman you. I LOVE canning but I’m with you. I’m always surprised at how few cans I have when I’m done. It always seems like the work should’ve produced more. But the real joy is after you’ve stuck them in your pantry and one day you go to pull a jar out and you forget all the hard work that went into preparing it and you feel so good that you made it all by yourself. I recommend canning peaches and pears to start because they are a lot easier. It’s also fun to get a group together to chat with while you can … but then you end up with half as many jars after you’ve split it down the middle so you decide which is best. Great job Amanda.

  3. Pampered Chef answer: Don’t use the pampered chef version. Get a better, cheaper one, that suctions to the countertop. That’s what I’ve got and it is wonderful! Juice is just going to leak from these things, there’s no way around it. But, I just have mine go on the counter and then wipe it up.
    Way to go on the canning! I canned tomatoes once, with my dad, and I don’t remember anything about it accept that you do it in a pan of water. Now, you’ll have to teach me.
    Incidently, I crock-potted 2 cups of wheat, and it turned out pretty good. It’s going to go in meatloaf tonight, and I had it with sugar and cinnamon and milk, which was yummy. I’m excited to experiment with it.
    I think for the white elephant you should bring something you’ve canned and I’ll do something with wheat. 🙂

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